The Citadel

The Military College of South Carolina


CC Forms

Form# Title
1 Sign in Roster for Training
2A Division Inspector's All In Report
3 Special Order Request Form
4 Charleston Pass CO Sign Out Sheet
5 Memorandum- Cons for Tours for those Academically Deficient
9 Room Change Authorization Form
11A The Citadel Desk Top Emergency Resource Guide- Page 1
11B The Citadel Desk Top Emergency Resource Guide- Page 2
12 Guard Detail
13 Cadet Evaluation Form
14 Cadet Rights Briefing
15 Confinement Notice
16 Confinement Credit Worksheet
18A Promotion Boards President Appraisal Worksheet
18B Promotion Boards Member Appraisal Worksheet
19 Promotion Boards Waiver Request
20 Mess Hall/Formation Announcements
22 Out Processing Consent in Absence
23 Inventory of Personal Belongings
29 Incident Report
30 Prep Cadet Qualification Brief
31A Consolidated Report (Appearance)
31B Consolidated Report (Room)
32 Accelerated Tours
32A Accelerated Tours for Cons
32B Accelerated Cons
35 Duty Roster
43 Weekend Meal Count
53 Performance Report (PR)
54 Explanation of Report, Written (ERW)
55 Memorandum Format for Official Cadet Correspondence
56 Memorandum Format for Cadet Appeals
57 Memorandum Format for Cadet Request for Abeyance
61 Weapons Count/Inventory
66 Clearance Form
67 Property Possession Acknowledgement
68 Senior Room Clear Form
78 Reduction Request (June 2015)
79 Promotion Request (June 2015)
88A Weekend Sign Out Sheet
88B Overnight Leave Sign Out Sheet
88C Block Weekend Sign Up Sheet
88D Block Overnight Sign Up Sheet
91 Cadet Tutoring Form
92 Duty Team Statement Form
97 4th Class Withdrawal Procedure
98 Counseling Conduct Form
99 Requisition of Supplies
100 Company Transfer Request
103 Commandant's Board Report Form
104 Request for Work for Punishment Credit
107A Visitor Sign In/Out Sheet
110 Requirement To Report Hazing- Mandatory Form
112 Developmental Counseling Report Form- (PDF)  / (Word Version)
113 Commandant's Board Sequence of Events
114 1st -5th BN Barracks Room Lock Sheets
115 Incident Report / Witness Account
116 Blue/White Book Modification Request Form
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