The Military College of South Carolina
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Majors and Applied Minors

The Department of Physics at The Citadel provides a comprehensive curriculum leading to a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics as well as undergraduate education in basic physics through calculus-based and non-calculus based introductory sequences. In addition, some specialize graduate courses are available to support those pursuing advanced degrees in education.

Physics is the fundamental physical science, the foundation upon which all other physical sciences are constructed. It is a vast and comprehensive discipline which studies the entire realm of nature from the most minute particles, distances, and times imaginable to the most massive stars, the outer limits of the universe, and the eons of duration. It is particularly concerned with those aspects of nature which can be formulated in terms of principles and laws reduced to their essence and expressed in an elegant and concise mathematical form.

The department sponsors a section of the Society of Physics Students and the physics honor society Sigma Pi Sigma to provide fellowship for physics majors and other students of similar interests and to make available extracurricular activities which illustrate that physics in practice is a vital and active discipline.



Bachelor of Science in Physics


Minor in Aerospace Science

Minor in Applied Climatology

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