Information And Actions Being Taken Related To COVID-19
The Military College of South Carolina
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SY 20-21 Key Dates

A Word of Caution:  The dates provided below are provided for information purposes right now because decisions in response to the coronavirus are still being made that will determine when and how these will be affected.  However, as plans are made, the same priority used throughout this crisis, which is the health and safety of everyone, will continue to guide the decisions we make for this fall.  We encourage you to check regularly on The Citadel’s Website and Facebook page for the latest information 

August 08: Class of 2024 Reports - decision announced 2 July

August 16: Upperclass Returns - decision announced 2 July

August 19: Fall Semester Classes Begin - decision announced 2 July

October 2-4: Parents Weekend - cancelled - decision announced 4 August

October 6-13: Midterms - decision announced 2 July

October 21: Leadership Day (Revised) - instead of the activities happening on one day, cadets will be provided opportunities throughout the semester to have their expereince through events in different venues that respect the actions being taken on campus to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

November 6-8: Homecoming Weekend - (Canceled) 

November 24: Fall Furlough beings after last class - cadets will not return to campus until after 10 January - decision announced 2 July

December 01-11: Fall Semester Exams online -  - decision announced 2 July

December 11-January 10: Winter Furlough

***decisions for each event are being made 30 days out

January 13: Spring Semester Classes Begin

Spring Semester has been delayed a week which will be made up by not having a Spring Furlough. 

Return from Winter Furlough will be staggered from January 13th through January 15th.  Cadets are receiving emails in their accounts from the Commandant's Office with specific information on reporting times and procedures.   

January 20: Spring Semester Classes begin (per Academic Calendar 1-3-21)

March 9-16: Spring Midterms (per Academic Calendar 1-3-21)

March 12-21: Spring Furlough - canceled - cadets will have a three day weekend.

March 26-28: Corps Day/Recognition Weekend - No plans published yet. 

April 28-May 4: Spring Semester Exams (per Academic Calendar 1-3-21)

May 8: Commencement - format TBD

You can click here for a more detailed listing of Key Dates for the 20-21 School Year . Note this document was created prior to the challenges being presented by the coronavirus.

For future planning purposes, Class of 2022's graduation will be on May 7, 2022

Also a good resource for planning is the Academic Calendar which can be found by clicking here.  Keep in mind it does get updated during the school year, so make sure you pay attention to the link you select.


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