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The Citadel Office of Visual Communications takes high-resolution official portraits of all currently enrolled cadets* for use in the yearbook. The portraits are available to cadets in electronic format. As part of this service, cadets are provided a copyright release that allows them unlimited use. They can use the photos for resumes and online profiles or greeting cards or even a poster. They can print as many copies as they want without incurring anything more than a printing fee from the printer of their choice.

*Because cadets who study abroad for a semester are not physically on campus and are unable to participate, they are not charged an ePortrait fee.

How it works

  • Beginning in August for three weeks, cadets may have their portraits taken during their scheduled company time.
  • Cadets check in on the third floor of Mark Clark Hall in the studio wearing their assigned class uniform and pose for the photographer.
  • After all portrait sessions are complete and post processing has taken place, the portraits will be loaded to Lesesne Gateway where they can be downloaded.

How to access photos

  1. Log into Lesesne Gateway (
  2. Click on the Campus Life tab
  3. Navigate to the Photography and PR box
  4. Click on Cadet Portraits, Class Photos, Ring Photos (Please note that cadets who have not had photos taken will have nothing displayed)

What you’ll find

  • Yearbook Portraits and Company Class Photos (if cadets had pictures taken).
  • Senior cadets, if they participated in the Ring Ceremony, will receive Ring Portraits.
  • Along with portraits, cadets will be granted a Photo Copyright Release which will allow them to legally print as many copies in whatever format they want.

ePortrait Q&As

What if I didn’t have my photo taken?

Two makeup days will be scheduled at the end of the semester. These pictures, however, will not appear in the yearbook.

What’s the best finish to use for photos?

A matte finish will give the photo a professional quality finish.

Have the photos been touched up?

The photos have been color corrected, but image refinishing, such as blemish removal, has not been performed. Photo re-touching services, however, are available at most professional printers.

How long will photos be available?

Photos will be available as long as the cadet is currently enrolled at The Citadel. After graduation, photos will be transferred to The Citadel Alumni Association, where they may be accessed, if needed, for a storage fee.

ePortrait Schedule

Please see the 2018 ePortrait schedule  for reserved company times. Athletes who have practice during assigned company times, may come during any time on the schedule.

ePortrait Uniform

First Class: Full Dress, Salt & Pepper. Haircut/shave is mandatory. Senior Officers: Full Dress – shako, sword, sash, collar, cuffs, gloves and medals. Senior Privates: Full Dress – collar, shako, cuffs, gloves and medals.

Second Class: Full Dress Whites (Blouse only) with authorized medals. Haircut/shave is mandatory. Blouse not provided by photographer. Bring your own.

Third Class: Dress Gray Blouse (Blouse only) with collar and medals. Haircut/shave is mandatory. Blouse not provided by photographer. Bring your own.

Fourth Class: Summer Leave Uniform. Haircut/shave is mandatory

*Cadets who study abroad for the fall semester are excluded and are not charged for this service.

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