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Photography and Media

The Citadel Office of Communications & Marketing has developed the following guidelines to assist the media, photographers, video crews and Citadel departments in getting the photographs, film, interviews and other information they need while also protecting the privacy of our students.

Citadel Photography

Citadel Photography, a division of the Office of Communications & Marketing, was established in 1985 as the official entity authorized to take photos for college publications, events and athletics.

The mission of Citadel Photography is to provide images that the college can use to promote the institution and its programs. A secondary mission of Citadel Photography is to work with and train cadets in photography.

The college owns the copyright and rights to all images produced by Citadel Photography.

Citadel Photography has the sole right to sell Citadel photographs to departments and individuals on campus. The revenue produced by Citadel Photography is returned to the college to support the general needs of The Citadel. Any other sale of Citadel photographs constitutes unauthorized competition. While it is expected that those within departments will take some of their own photos for departmental publicity, Citadel departments wishing to use services other than those provided by Citadel Photography should follow the requirements of the state procurement policy. Please inform the Office of Communications and Marketing of any scheduled photo shoots or filming.

Scheduling a Photo shoot
Campus departments and organizations can schedule a photo shoot with Citadel Photography through OCM at The photographer requires two working days notice to schedule a shoot.

Scheduling a Video shoot
Campus departments and organizations can schedule a video shoot with Citadel Video through Sam McAdams the Citadel Videographer at

Media and Photo Access
The Office of Communications & Marketing welcomes reporters, photographers and film crews and is happy to assist with any necessary coordination. At the same time, cadets have the right to pursue their educational activities undisturbed by outsiders and to privacy in academic buildings and barracks. Because cadets have little flexibility in their schedules and in consideration for their rights, the Office of Communications & Marketing has established the following guidelines to assist the media, photographers and film crews with on-campus access to cadets and students in The Citadel Graduate College.

Escorts for photographers, reporters and film crews: Unless alternate arrangements have been approved, all reporters, film crews and still photographers (professional, freelance and amateurs intending to sell or distribute Citadel images) must be escorted by a representative from the Office of Communications & Marketing while on campus. To coordinate, call 843.953.6779.

Photographers covering athletic events should coordinate with the Sports Information Office in the Department of Athletics. Phone: 843.953.5353.

Press identification
Media on campus must identify themselves by wearing a press pass and displaying identification on their vehicle. If you do not have appropriate identification from your employer, our Media Relations Coordinator can provide you with an authorized press pass.

Media interviews
Media interviews with cadets must be approved and arranged in advance by the Office of Communications & Marketing. Call 843.953.6779 for assistance.

Cadets approached by media should clear requests for interviews or other queries with the Office of Communications & Marketing, which can also provide assistance for taking part in interviews.

Faculty and staff may use their discretion in granting interviews with the media, but should notify the Office of Communications & Marketing in advance of any on-campus visits by the press.

Filming and photography
Media may film or photograph exterior locations on campus but must assume responsibility for getting releases or approvals from the subjects they are photographing.

Filming and photography is not permitted inside any building (this includes academic buildings, barracks, student union, canteen, mess hall and barbershop) without prior approval and coordination through the Office of Communications & Marketing.

Because fourth-class cadets (knobs) often believe that they cannot object to being photographed, photographers should use discretion when taking their pictures. Photographers and film crews must remain at least 10 feet away (equal to three squares on the quad in the barracks) from all subjects they are shooting.

Citadel Photography follows the same rules as media with respect to access to campus buildings, faculty and staff and cadets.

Televisions stations are asked to give the Office of Communications & Marketing as much notice as possible when wanting to do live shots from campus so appropriate parking and security arrangements can be made.

Photography at parade
The Citadel has a designated media area between the bleachers for photographers and film crews to shoot parade. Photographers and film crews may also stand around the perimeters of the parade ground. However no one is allowed on the parade deck during parade. If you have specific questions, contact the Office of Communications & Marketing at 843.953.6779.

During parades, presidential aides are stationed to assist all visitors in knowing what areas are suitable for photographers and film crews.

Drone Video and Photography
At this time. Drone Photography IS NOT PERMITTED on any Citadel property. This includes all sports venues.

Special circumstances
Communications & Marketing may, at its discretion and with the approval of the commandant of cadets and the college president, institute a media pool system in cases of breaking news or high media interest in the college. A media pool will consist of 1 video camera, 1 producer, 1 soundman; 1 still photographer, 1 wire writer and 1 Communications & Marketing escort. Media pools will be rotated daily. All video footage, limited stills and questions and answers from the writer will be given/shared with other media organizations requesting such information.

For questions, please contact the Media Relations Coordinator at 843.953.2155.

First posted August 11, 2003
Last updated June 22, 2015

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