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Master of Science in Health, Exercise, and Sport Science

Mission Statement

The goals of the M.S. in Health, Exercise, and Sport Science degree program are to provide an exemplary educational environment and experiences leading to advanced skills, knowledge, and attitudes within domains of human movement; healthful living; individual growth and development; and application of physical, biological, and behavioral sciences to the teaching and learning processes.

This program provides a scholarly approach to the study of professions in health science, exercise science, sport science, physical education, and human performance. The advanced degree program prepares graduates for leadership positions including those within teaching and coaching venues; the recreation industry; sport medicine and sport rehabilitation facilities; exercise and human performance laboratories and services at colleges/universities, hospitals and other related organizations; exercise facilities and programs for specific populations; and wellness and fitness industries.

Admission Requirements

1. Completion of the online graduate application along with the non-refundable application fee.

2. Submission of an official transcript reflecting the highest degree earned from a regionally accredited college or university.

3. Submission of official Miller Analogies Test (MAT) or Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores, taken within the last five years. Minimum acceptable score for the MAT is 396. Minimal acceptable GRE score is a combined verbal and quantitative score of 290. Applicants who score between 283-289 on the GRE may apply for provisional status provided all other requirements have been met. A student with provisional status who completes 6 graduate semester hours in one semester and maintains a 3.5 grade point ratio will be classified as a regular degree-seeking studen

4. Submission of three signed letters of recommendation.These may be from faculty members of the applicant’s undergraduate institution and/or from associates in business, government, education, or military service.

5. Submission of a resume detailing previous work experiences.

Program Requirements

The program consists of thirty-nine (39) or forty-two (42) semester credit hours depending on course selection. Either twenty-one (21) or twenty-four (24) hours are derived from seven (7) or eight (8) required core courses. The balance of hours (18) may be taken from approved health, exercise, and sport science electives and a maximum of three (3) hours of free electives. Within the broad scope of courses offered, the program of study is individually structured to accommodate needs and interests of the student while assuring mastery of the disciplines of health science, exercise science, and sport science. Each student enrolled in this program is expected to integrate components of research, apply contemporary technological and/or computer expertise, and practice effective oral and written communications skills through each phase of the program.

During the last semester of program work, each student is required to take a written and oral exit competency examination. Questions for the written phase are drawn from coursework completed by each student in the Department of Health, Exercise, & Sport Science. After the written exam is evaluated, each student will undergo an oral investigation consisting of questions selected by members of the departmental faculty. Any student who does not satisfactorily complete the exit competency examination may be required to take additional courses or accomplish individualized study to strengthen identified areas.

Core Requirements

Depending upon program emphasis, seven (7) or eight (8) courses within the curriculum are designated “Core Courses” are required for each student:

HESS-501 Nutrition

HESS-505 Motor Development and Motor Learning

HESS-506 Applied Exercise Physiology

HESS-510 Biomechanics of Sport Techniques

HESS-540 Research Techniques and Methods of Analyzing Research in Health, Exercise, & Sport Science I

HESS-560 Research Techniques and Methods of Analyzing Research in Health, Exercise, & Sport Science II

HESS-507 Special Problems in Health, Exercise, & Sport Science *


HESS-542 Practicum in Health, Exercise, & Sport Science *


HESS-598 Thesis I in Health, Exercise, & Sport Science (3) **

HESS-599 Thesis II in Health, Exercise, & Sport Science (3) **

Approved Electives

Each student is required to choose a minimum of six (6) courses (18 hours) from the following list of approved elective courses:

HESS-502 Drug & Substance Abuse

HESS-503 Human Sexuality

HESS-504 Public Health

HESS-508 Epidemiology

HESS-509 Preventive and Rehabilitative Aspects of Physical Activity

HESS-511 Special Topics in Health, Exercise, & Sport Science (Exercise Science)

HESS-512 Special Topics in Health, Exercise, & Sport Science (Sports Management)

HESS-513 Sport Facility & Event Management

HESS-518 Sport Marketing

HESS-520 Special Topics in Sport Management

HESS-521 The Art of Selling in Sport

HESS-523 Administration and Leadership of Exercise and Sport Organizations

HESS-530 Practicum in Sport Management

HESS-534 Accommodating Persons with Disabilities in Sport & Physical Activity

HESS-538 Internship in Sport Management (6 hours)

HESS-539 Sport Public Relations & Promotions

HESS-541 Current and Future Trends in Health, Exercise, & Sport Science

HESS-543 Consumer Health

HESS-544 Exercise Testing & Assessment

HESS-545 Nutrition for Exercise, Sport, and Physical Activity

HESS-546 Environmental Physiology

HESS-547 Techniques of Conditioning for Sport and Physical Fitness

HESS-548 Psychology of Sport & Motivation

HESS-549 Sociological and Cultural Aspects of Sport

HESS-552 Fundraising for Sport Organizations

HESS-553 Sport Communications

HESS-554 Analysis of Sport Skills and Techniques

HESS-555 Legal Aspects of Sport

HESS-556 Sport Finance

HESS-557 Economics of Sport

HESS-558 Advertising in Sport

* HESS-540 is a prerequisite or co-requisite for this course

** This course or an equivalent course may be required if a student chooses the thesis option

• Opportunities exist for development of specialized programs of study emphasizing Health Science, Exercise Science, or Sport Science.

• Common threads of effective written and oral communication skills, research methodology, applied contemporary technology and computer expertise, collaboration and cooperation with other disciplines and reflective learning will be incorporated within each course in the Master of Science curriculum.

Total program hours: 39 OR 42 (21/24 core hours + 18 elective)

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