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Graduate Certificate in Leadership

For a complete list of admission and program requirements,
please refer to The Citadel Graduate College's website or The Citadel Graduate College Course Catalog.

The Graduate Certificate in Leadership is offered by The Citadel to expand its educational mission concerning the study of leadership and the advanced development of principled leaders. As a rigorous concentration in the various dimensions of leadership, this certificate represents the refined qualities of leadership that businesses, institutions, and the military expect today.

The Graduate Certificate in Leadership is 100% online. It is comprised of five (5) three-hour courses (15 credit hours total) at the graduate level. These courses can be completed as a stand-alone Graduate Certificate in Leadership or can be counted towards the completion of one of the following programs (students should consult their academic advisor for eligibility):

  1. Master of Science in Leadership (click to learn more)
  2. Master of Arts in Social Science (click to learn more)
  3. Master of Science in Project Management (click to learn more)
  4. Master of Arts in Intelligence and Security Studies (click to learn more)
  5. Master of Business Administration (click to learn more)
  6. Engineering Graduate Programs (click to learn more)

*Students who enroll in and complete only the Leadership Certificate can apply those courses toward a Master of Science in Leadership at a future date.

Admission Requirements

1) Submit a graduate application, along with the non-refundable application fee. 2) An official transcript of the baccalaureate degree or master's degree (whichever is higher) delivered directly from the regionally accredited college or university attended.

Program Overview

Required courses:

LDRS 722-Leadership in Organizations

PSYC 570-Social and Cognitive Foundations of Interpersonal Behavior

Electives (9 credit hours), choose three (3) of the following:

LDRS 710–Ethics, Values, & Principled Leadership*

LDRS 711–Leading Change: Organization Development and Transformation*†

LDRS 712–Leading Teams: Coaching, Culture, Diversity, and Globalization

LDRS 714–Strategic Leadership, Vision, Mission and Contemporary Issues*†

LDRS 723–Communication for Leadership

MGMT 760–Global Business Strategy-MBA program only (required elective)

LDRS 766-Human Resource Development

PMGT 672–Applied Leadership Concepts-M.S. Project Management program only (required elective)

PSYC 500–Human Growth and Development


*LDRS 722–is a prerequisite for LDSR 711 AND LDRS 714. 

LDRS 500 should be completed during the first two terms of study. This course is a pre/co-requisite for LDRS 722.

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