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The Military College of South Carolina
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The Citadel Department of English, Fine Arts & Communications

Literature. Language. Learning.

Why ENGLISH? Because you want ...

  • to think more clearly,
  • to communicate your ideas,
  • to understand our world.

Why NOW? Because you want ...

  • to lead with more than your feet,
  • to be ready in a changing world,
  • to realize your dreams.

Latest News

  • We are pleased to share the news that the British Academy has just awarded Professor Scott Lucas, chair of our department, a Leverhulme Small Research grant of 10,000 British pounds. He and his co-editor, Dr. Rachel Stenner of the University of Sussex (U.K.), will use it to research and prepare a new critical edition of William Baldwin's 1553 satirical prose masterpiece Beware the Cat, which some have called the first English novel.

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  • Hats off to our new Director of Graduate Studies, Dr. Licia Hendriks! Dr. Hendriks is taking over for Dr. Jim Hutchisson and will be sharing responsibility with her counterpart at the College of Charleston for the M.A. in English program provided collaboratively by the two institutions. For more information on our joint M.A. in English program, click here.


  • "In this first-of-its-kind global investigation series, an international task force led by the United States will use every sighting, every declassified file, and every single piece of evidence since the dawn of man from 24 different countries to answer one central question: have extraterrestrials made contact?"
    Follow Dr. Michael Livingston and co-host Myke Cole down the rabbit hole in their 2019 Discovery and Science Channel series "Contact" (all episodes available online at


  • Congratulations to Dr. Alyson Eggleston! In late June 2020, Dr. Eggleston took part in the American Society of Engineering Educators’ virtual conference, presenting two papers at the meeting.  She then participated on July 2 in the MIT Communications Lab’s virtual summer institute, a smaller, invitation-only online version of the Lab’s annual Summer Institute workshop held in Cambridge, MA (unfortunately, Covid-19 precluded holding that long-planned gathering).  Dr. Eggleston was one of the workshop’s few scheduled participants to be invited to take part in the online, mini version of the Institute.  She not only used this opportunity to gain new ideas from others in the Communications field, but she also presented on her own findings about best practices in video communication.  Dr. Eggleston’s work on the pedagogy of technical communication has recently been receiving national accolades:  in early July 2020, The Council for Programs in Technical and Scientific Communication awarded Dr. Eggleston a $1,000 grant to further her research into the best means of teaching technical writing. This was a fierce competition, and Dr. Eggleston’s proposal was only one of four awarded money.

    eggleston photo

  • MLA Volumes: Dr. Sean Heuston has recently been selected to edit the MLA volume Approaches to Teaching the Poetry of Robert Frost, and Dr. Lauren Maxwell is currently editing the MLA volume Approaches to Teaching the Works of Margaret Atwood.   
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Latest Publications


  • 1066: A Guide to the Battles and the Campaigns by Dr. Michael Livingston and Dr. Kelly DeVries (Pen and Sword Military, 2021)


  • Medieval Warfare: A Reader by Dr. Michael Livingston (University of Toronto Press, 2019)

    Medieval Warfare


  • Black Crow, White Snow by Dr. Michael Livingston (Audible, 2019)

    Black Crow Cover


  • A Mirror for Magistrates: A Modernized and Annotated Edition by Dr. Scott Lucas (Cambridge University Press, 2019)

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  • Women and Geography on the Early Modern English Stage by Dr. Katja Pilhuj (Amsterdam University Press, 2019)

    9789463722018 prom



  • "'A Cause Divinely Spun': The Poet in an Age of Social Unrest" by Dr. Licia Hendriks (Revisiting the Elegy in the Black Lives Matter Era, Routledge, 2020)

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  • "State Conspiracies in Aldous Huxley's Brave New World" by Dr. Thomas Horan (Critical Insights: Conspiracies, Salem Press, 2020)

    CI conspiracies cover lowres


  • "Mark Twain and Philosophy" by Dr. James W. Leonard (Mark Twain in Context, Cambridge University Press, 2020)

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