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The Military College of South Carolina
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Welcome to CARE

Campus Advocacy, Response, and Education (CARE)



The Goals and Responsibilities of CARE are as follows:

1. To educate all students, faculty, and staff members on all issues relating to sexual misconduct.

Prevention education focuses on definitions, laws, expectations, prevention strategies, communication styles, risk-behavior identification/mitigation, healthy relationships, bystander intervention education, and the relationships between sexual assault/sexual harassment (SA/SH) and alcohol/other drugs (see Educational Programs).

2. To provide victim support and response services for each report of sexual assault and sexual harassment made by any student.

3. To train and advise Human Affairs Team members, 1-in-4 members, and Women Empowered (WE) members.

4. To develop and maintain relationships with community members.


The Citadel“Step It Up”Campaign

The South Carolina Corps of Cadets will be participating in a program designed to increase their ability to lead and protect. The campaign is entitled “STEP IT UP” and is intended to remind cadets and students to do just that… STEP IT UP. We are pushing for cadets to make the right decisions, not become complacent, and understand the importance of their actions. Citadel cadets have and always will be the great leaders of tomorrow. We come from a long line of predecessors who have created a standard that is nothing short of extraordinary. We are not asking cadets to memorize a new slogan or wear a new shirt. We are reminding cadets of the pride they should have in this school and each other.

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