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Bachelor Degree Programs in Teacher Education

The Bachelor Degree Programs in Teacher Education are designed for students who would like to begin a career in the teaching profession. Students who successfully complete this program will obtain both an undergraduate level education and recommendation for licensure to teach.

Students may choose from five teaching specializations:

B.S. in Biology/Secondary Teaching (grades 7-12)

B.A. in Chemistry with Teaching specialization (grades 7-12)

B.S. in Physical Education Teaching Track (grades K-12)

B.A. in Modern Languages/French, German or Spanish Teaching Tracks (grades K-12)

B.S. in Social Studies Education (grades 7-12)

B.S. in Social Studies Education EVENING ONLY (grades 7-12)

Click HERE for a brochure outlining each program of study.

Admission to the South Carolina Corps of Cadets:
Joining the Corps of Cadets
Veterans Admissions Information (Day Veterans, Active Duty, or Returning Cadet Veterans)
Admission Requirements

Admission to the Evening Undergraduate Studies, B.S. in Social Studies Education
Admission Requirements

Admission to the Education Major:
Students accepted into the South Carolina Corps of Cadets who are interested in the Teacher Education major will enter The Citadel as a pre-education major. To be admitted to the Education Major or to content majors that include a concentration in teacher education, the student enrolled in pre-education must have the support of his or her advisor relative to suitability and interest in teacher education and must also have... [ learn more ]

Admission to the Internship in Teaching (EDUC 499 or PHED 499):
Students must make a formal application for admission no later than two semesters prior to the Student Teaching Internship. The internship is not normally offered to students in the fall semesters... [ learn more ]

Graduation Requirements:
To meet graduation requirements, the Teacher Education major must comĀ­plete all requirements for one of the teaching field courses of study and must have earned a GPA of at least 2.750 on each of the following... [ learn more ]

Please refer to the college's Academic Catalog for a complete list of admission and program requirements and course descriptions.
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