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Undergraduate Programs

Undergraduate Minor in Leadership Studies

Mission Statement

The Minor in Leadership Studies is designed to address learning, scholarship, and critical thinking about leadership from various analytical perspectives and, as a result, to give students a broad understanding of the nature of effective leadership. This minor complements the "leadership laboratory" aspect of cadet life at The Citadel through interdisciplinary study employing historical, political, literary, psycholgical, and business administration approaches to the subject. Whereas ROTC courses and participation in the structured, hierarchical regimen of the Citadel Corps of Cadets teach the students discipline, perseverance, respect for authority, and the ability to command, the minor in Leadership Studies builds on those practical experiences with an academic focus on the subject. Looking at factual, fictional, and theoretical models of leadership, the various courses examine leadership questions not only with respect to effectiveness but also in their more problematic aspects-such as abuse of power, male and female stereotypes, cultural chauvinism, and questions of duty versus individual responsibility. The curriculum as a whole addresses issues of leadership as such, as opposed to a concern with issues directly related to the circumstances of particular times and places.

Program Overview

The minor in Leadership Studies consists of core leadership courses and from a number of academic departments. The minor highlights and reinforces the centrality of leadership in all organizations and in The Citadel experience. The minor focuses on the nature of leadership as well as on the development of effective leadership skills and practices. The minor in Leadership Studies is intended for students who are majoring in any field and seeking to supplement their study with a scholarly consideration of leadership.

Structure of the Minor

The minor in Leadership Studies consists of five(5) three credit hours courses(15 credit hours total).Minor students must take LDRS 371 or BADM 371- Leadership in Organizations and LDRS 401- Senior Seminar in Leadership, three academic electives from the schools/departments of Education, English, Business Administration, History, Political Science, and Psychology. At least nine (9) of the credit hours must be completed at The Citadel.



Required Courses (3 for a total of 9 credit hours)
LDRS 371 or BADM 371 Leadership in Organizations
LDRS-401 Senior Leadership Seminar/Project
LDRS-433 Experiential Leadership Course or Other Approved Internship, Study Away, Service Learning or Research Course


Academic Electives (Choose 2 for a total of 6 credit hours)
BADM-409 Human Resource Management
BADM-412 Business Ethics
BADM-424 Inclusion and Diversity at Work
EDUC-330 Developing Leadership Skills through Peer Counseling
ENGL-371 Literary Paradigms of Leadership
HIST-371 Historical Studies in Leadership
HIST-382 History/Military Leadership
LDRS-320 Leadership Communications
PESM-404 Leadership in Health, Exercise, and Sport Science Organizations
PHIL-290 Ethics
PMGT-401 Project Management Career Skills
PSCI-371 Leadership in Politics
PSCI-305 American Presidency
PSCI-306 The Legislative Process
PSYC-371 Psychology of Leadership Experiential Course
 Total Credits Total Credit Hours Required--15, at least 9 of which must be completed at The Citadel.

Sophomore Seminar in Principled Leadership

Course Overview

Required of all second-year cadets, this course focuses on The Citadel core values of honor, duty, and respect as those values constitute principled leadership. The course also assists cadets in the process of transitioning from the fresman year to the sophomore year and enables them to reflect upon their experiences of The Citadel's fourth-class system as they learn more about effective, ethical leadership. In addition, the course includes a focus on service as a component of principled leadership through a service learning experience. This course is a graded, one (1) credit hour course.This course is a pre-requisite to LDRS 371 and Krause Center experiences in LDRS 311 and LDRS 411. A student must have permission of the Associate Provost for Academic Affairs to withdraw from LDRS 201.



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