The Military College of South Carolina
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Honors Program Courses

HONR 101 and 102. Honors English I and II: The Aesthetic Context
This sequence will introduce you to the artistic achievements, chiefly literary, of Western as well as some non-Western culture, within the context of the major intellectual and ideological currents of the culture. Techniques of prose composition will be taught as you engage these issues in writing. Two semesters.

HONR 103 and 104. Honors History I and II: The Social, Political, and Historical Context
This sequence will introduce you to the social, political, and historical events involved in the development of Western and possibly some non-Western culture, emphasizing the interplay between the way people of the past saw themselves and the universe and the way they shaped their environment. Two semesters.

HONR 131 and 132. Honors Mathematics I and II: The Analytic Context
This sequence will teach you the calculus within the context of its development from the civilization which produced it and its impact on civilization since. Two semesters.

HONR 201 and 202. Honors English III and IV: Studies in British and American Literature
This sequence will teach one or more themes, genres, modes, schools, periods, or authors in British and American Literature. The techniques of prose composition will be reinforced and developed. Two semesters.

HONR 203. Honors Social Science Project
This introduction to the social sciences will incorporate an integrative project in the social sciences. One semester, generally in the Fall.

HONR 211, 212, 311, 312, 411 and 412. Honors Personal and Professional Development I, II, and III
Taught entirely in tutorial, this sequence directs you in a three-year period of research, writing, and discussion on the subject of your professional goals, encouraging you to envision your leadership in your future profession and guiding you in exploring through research and writing the ideals as well as the facts of that profession. Three semesters, one credit hour each.

HONR 300. Honors Seminar: Special Topics
Often interdisciplinary, this seminar will investigate a field of study not directly addressed within the framework of the normal curriculum. It will be suitable for students in all majors. Topics will vary. One semester.

HONR 400/401. Honors Directed Research Project I and II
Students conduct research under the direction of faculty members. The research need not be original with the student, but may be part of a project which the faculty member is currently conducting or has conducted in the past. One or two semesters.

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