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Physical Fitness Overview
Physical fitness is a very important aspect of cadet life at The Citadel. Lack of preparation for long days of marching, running, and working out is one of the leading factors cited by new students as their reason for leaving the college. To address this issue, CSI students participate in physical activity at least 5 days per week.
Goals of CSI Physical Fitness Training
* to prepare students to succeed physically as cadets
* to improve each student's overall fitness level
* to prepare students for the Cadet Physical Fitness Test (CPFT) administered when they report in August
Physical Fitness Curriculum
All CSI students participate in the required physical education (RPED) course. This course meets for two hours on Monday through Thursday. In addition, homework for this course requires students to engage in independent physical fitness activities outside of class each week.
On Friday mornings, all CSI students participate in The Citadel's Cadet Physical Fitness Test. Each student's results are recorded and their progress is tracked.
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Physical Fitness at The Citadel
The Citadel's minimum standards are the criteria used to determine success. As an incoming fourth class cadet, you are urged to be in excellent physical condition. The fourth class system in place at The Citadel values physical fitness during the first week, so by meeting the minimum standards set by the administration at the outset, students can focus on other aspects of the military system and their academics. Many former CSI students report that the Physical Readiness Training program was the most helpful aspect of CSI because it allowed them to succeed physically and concentrate on academics during the school year.
Minimum Standards

Male PT Test Requirements 

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