The Citadel

The Military College of South Carolina

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Citadel Life Orientation (CLO)

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On Fridays, students will participate in room and personal inspections in lieu of CLO. Inspections will cover the following criteria:
* Personal hygiene and cleanliness
* Adherence to dress code standards
* Room cleanliness & organization
* On time & prepared for inspection
* Knob knowledge quiz


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Instruction by Current Cadets
A significant advantage that CSI students have stems from the direct instruction they receive from our carefully selected cadet student leaders (CSL's). The CSL's are current Citadel cadets who oversee the CSI students' daily activities. CSI offers the only period of instruction when freshman can freely, openly interact with and learn from upperclass cadets before beginning knob year.


All CSI Students: Please complete both evaluations below.

The purpose of these evaluations is to provide feedback regarding the program and our staff in an effort to continuously improve the CSI Program. Please be constructive and thoughtful about the information you provide. Your responses are anonymous.






•Students participate in CLO Monday through Thursday.

•CLO will be conducted as a theory-oriented activity with some experiential components.


Citadel Knowledge
CSI students also begin memorizing important sections of the cadet Guidon. Memorizing the correct sections of the Guidon in advance allows CSI students to experience significantly less stress while participating in the fourth-class system.
Topics of Instruction
•Intro to knob knowledge
•Q & A sessions
•Campus tour
•Personal appearance
•Inspection tutorials
•Intro to barracks life
•Intro to the Charleston community
•Intro to the military branches
•Campus resources
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