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The academic component of the CSI (Citadel Success Institute) program consists of two academic classes and one physical education class. All CSI students are required to take these courses, which aim to ease the transition between high school academics and the rigorous academic requirements at The Citadel. These courses teach skills that students can apply throughout their educational careers.

CSI students will work on writing, reading, and study skills and apply these to their core academic course. In addition, they will adjust to college-level schoolwork in a supportive environment where academics are emphasized. Study time is built into the daily schedule and students are encouraged to work with their professors and the CSI and Citadel support staff to excel academically.

Core Course

* All CSI students take one of the following academic core courses:

General Psychology - Three Credit Hours 
American National Government- Three Credit Hours 
History of Western Civilization- Three Credit Hours 
College Algebra & Trigonometry- Four Credit Hours 
All courses are subject to change

* You will be asked to select your 1st AND second choice of core courses on the registration form. Courses are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis.
* All courses offered fulfill a graduation requirement for all students. Thus, regardless of which course you select, it will fulfill either a major or elective requirement.
* If there is a possibility you have earned AP or transfer credit for one or more of the courses offered during CSI it is imperative you indicate this on your registration form to avoid being placed in a course you already have credit for. If you have earned transfer credit for all the core courses offered during CSI, please contact the CSI coordinator as soon as possible to discuss your options.

In addition to the core course students will also be enrolled in:

Orientation Course

All CSI students also take the Citadel's First Year Seminar course, commonly known as Citadel 101 or Orientation 101, unless they choose to take MATH 119. This 1-credit hour course is required of all students in their first semester at the Citadel. CSI students complete this requirement during the summer.

ORTN 101: Citadel 101: First Year Seminar
Citadel 101 provides the academic and life skills to help students make a successful transition to the unique environment of the Citadel. Students will develop their academic skills (reading, listening, note-taking, test-taking, time management, research computer competency, etc.) and will be introduced to campus facilities, resources, and support services. Some attention will also be given to lifestyle and relationship issues.

Physical Education Course

In addition, all CSI students will enroll in one zero-credit hour Required Physical Education (RPED) course. Citadel students are required to complete several RPED courses in order to graduate, and the course offered during CSI fulfills one of these requirements.

RPED 110: Individualized Physical Education
A course providing an individualized approach to health-related aspects of physical fitness, including, but not limited to, cardiorespiratory and muscular endurance, strength, flexibility, and body composition.

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