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Welcome to The Citadel Success Institute

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What are the Top 5 Requests for Assistance from College Freshmen as they begin their journey?

1. 71% Want an opportunity to attend an informal gathering to meet new friends.

2. 69% Want help on the most effective way to take college exams.

3. 67% Want to talk to someone about career qualifications.

4. 67% Want help improving their study skills.

5. 67% Want to find out more about clubs/organizations.

Adapted from Normyle, Dr. Mari. 5 requests for assistance from college freshmen at the beginning of their first year. 22 March 2018.

Welcome to CSI where we meet the above needs of incoming freshmen and so much more!

The Citadel Success Institute is designed to help incoming freshmen (knobs) better transition to college-level work as well as to The Citadel before formal matriculation in August. The goal of this program is to better prepare students academically, emotionally, and physically for the rigors of The Citadel. Statistics show us that students who participate in CSI are better prepared to succeed at The Citadel.

CSI is the first step toward the goal of graduation from The Citadel. CSI students have a higher success rate than non-CSI students during their first year at The Citadel because they are better prepared for the academic, physical, and emotional demands that they will face during knob year. During their time in CSI, they become familiar with the campus, learn about expectations, and build a support system of fellow cadets and Citadel professionals that will help them during knob year and beyond.


In short, CSI is about relationship building that sustains students while they attend The Citadel and lasts for a lifetime!

2018 Dates:

Thursday, 5 July--CSI Begins
Saturday, 28 July--CSI Ends

Registration is Open!!

See our Facebook page for additional updates! CSI: Citadel Success Institute 2018.


Payment Information: CSI bills will be generated when classes are assigned to each student, and all registrants will be able to pay their bill through Lesesne Gateway. If your bill is not available in Lesesne Gateway by mid-May, please contact us at 843-953-5705 for COL Chris Fudge, Director/; or 843-953-6773 for the Assistant Director, Mrs. Melinda S. Norris, so we can check on this process for you.

However, all payments will be online, so please DO NOT send cash or check.


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