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Welcome to The Citadel Success Institute

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The Citadel Success Institute was designed to help incoming freshmen (knobs) become oriented to the college before formal matriculation in August. The goal is to enhance students' academic and physical performance, and to provide a preview of life at The Citadel. We know from past performance that freshmen who participate in CSI are more successful with their adaptation to all aspects of life at The Citadel.
CSI is the first step toward the goal of graduation from The Citadel. CSI students have a higher success rate than non-CSI students during their first year at The Citadel because they are better prepared for the academic and physical demands they will face during knob year. During their time in CSI, they become familiar with the campus, learn about expectations, and build a support system of fellow cadets and Citadel professionals that will help them during knob year and beyond.


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