The Military College of South Carolina
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Bachelor of Arts

Requirements for the Bachelor of Arts Degrees:

B.A. in Chemistry 

CHEM 153/163       General Chemistry Lecture/Lab for Majors I

CHEM 154/164       General Chemistry Lecture/Lab for Majors II

CHEM 207/217       Organic Chemistry Lecture/Lab I

CHEM 208/218       Organic Chemistry Lecture/Lab II

CHEM 308              Introduction to Chemical Research

CHEM 419              Senior Research I

CHEM 420              Senior Research II

MATH 106               Applied Calculus I

MATH 107               Applied Calculus II

PHYS 203/253        College Physics Lecture/Lab I

PHYS 204/254        College Physics Lecture/Lab II

One sequence from one of the three chemical areas:

Analytical Chemistry: CHEM 300, CHEM 302

Physical Chemistry: CHEM 305/315, CHEM 306/316

Biochemistry: CHEM 409, CHEM 410

Students must also take one course from each of the remaining three chemical areas, e.g., if students take the full analytical chemistry sequence, then they must take one course from the physical chemistry, inorganic chemistry, and biochemistry sequences.

B.A. with Teaching Specialization:

Same as the B.A. in Chemistry program requirements with the following differences:

CHEM 208/218 are not required.

CHEM 300 is required.

CHEM 330 Methods and Applications of Science is required.

CHEM 409 is required.

BIOL 130/131 or BIOL 101/111 are required.

BIOL 140/141 or BIOL 102/112 are required.

EART 201 Introduction to Earth Science is required.

PSYC 201 General Psychology is required.

The following education courses are required:

EDUC 101               Education in Modern Society

EDUC 202               Educational Psychology

EDUC 206               Adolescent Development

EDUC 306               Teaching Reading and Writing in the Middle and High School

EDUC 312               Teaching Students with Special Needs

EDUC 401               Methods and Materials of Middle and High School Teaching

EDUC 402               Special Methods in Teaching

EDUC 499               Internship in Teaching


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