The Citadel

The Military College of South Carolina


Bachelor of Arts

The B.A. Curriculum

The B.A. curriculum provides great flexibility in choosing electives, and this permits a program to be designed to fit the student's individual aspirations. It is intended for those planning to enter medical, dental, or other professional schools; military service; or positions in industry.

Pre-Medical Program

Students who plan to enter medical school or allied professional schools such as dental or veterinary school should consider the B.A. program in chemistry, and choose electives to broaden their preparation in other sciences and the humanities. Students who plan to enter medical school upon completion of their baccalaureate degrees should acquaint themselves with requirements of the medical schools of their choice and plan their programs accordingly. An extremely worthwhile reference to the entrance requirements for all medical schools in the United States and Canada is Medical School Admission Requirements published each year by the Association of American Medical Colleges, One DuPont Circle N.W., Washington, D.C. 20036.

ENGL 101/102 ENGL 201/201
A Modern Language 101/102 A Modern Language 201/202
MATH 106/107 MATH 231/232
CHEM 151/161 CHEM 207/217
CHEM 152/162 CHEM 208/218
Two Required Phys. Ed. Courses Two Required Phys. Ed. Courses
Two Basic ROTC Courses Two Basic ROTC Courses
Computer Science Course CSCI 110 PHYS 205/255
or 115 PHYS 206/256

CHEM 300/302 CHEM 401
CHEM 306/306 CHEM 425/426
CHEM 308 Two CHEM Electives
CHEM 315/316 Six Electives
HIST 103/104 Two Advanced ROTC Courses
Three Electives
Core Social Science Course
Two Advanced ROTC Courses

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