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Welcome to the Office of Fellowships!


What can a graduate fellowship do for me?

- Push you to your mental limit.

- Punch your ticket to a better graduate program.

- Land you the dream job in your field of choice.


What are my chances of scoring a major fellowship?

- Zero if you don't apply.

- Your success rate depends on the award you target.

- Ten cadets have won Fulbrights since 2002.


Will the College help me through the process?
- Good students qualify for summer-study grants to build credentials.
- Expert advisers get you started and track your progress --learn from a 3-time Fulbright Winner!


Still interested? Read on!


Established May 2006 by joint initiative of the College president, provost, director of the Honors Program, and engaged faculty from diverse departments, The Citadel Office of Fellowships promotes the identification and preparation of superior students for national and international fellowships. Over the course of three decades cadets have claimed coveted Truman, Fulbright, Congress-Bundestag, Rotary, Max Kade, and Phi Kappa Phi scholarships to pursue graduate study in select programs in the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, and Austria. Past recipients have forged distinguished careers in the professions, public service, and international business.


A rigorous core curriculum, nationally prominent degree programs, individualized tutorials, sponsored internships, and munificent grants for summer study abroad ready the Citadel's top students to vie with peers from the nation's most venerable colleges for elite graduate awards. In an increasingly competitive arena the Office of Fellowships seeks to advance the interests of our applicants. Critical to the process is early identification of potential candidates. Experienced point faculty in each department find and further emerging talent.


Located in Bond 370, the Office of Fellowships coordinates the effort to match student ability and interest with apt opportunity. The director serves as campus adviser for various granting organizations, disseminates information, collects applications, schedules interviews, and certifies nominees. Cadets with a suitable academic track record who aspire to a graduate fellowship should make themselves known to both their departmental point faculty and the Fellowships director without delay.


The Office of Fellowships is directed by Dr Donald Sparks. He may be reached at 843.953.5159 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Dr Sparks welcomes your queries by telephone, by email, or best of all in person (Bond Hall, Room 370U). His office hours are Tuesday 9.30-2.00 or by appointment.