The Military College of South Carolina
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Welcome to The Citadel Student Veterans Association

The Citadel Student Veterans Association Chapter is a direct portal from the US Armed Forces to the proud and respected traditions of the higher education our country is known for. At The Citadel we find the likeminded brotherhood that drew us each to our respective branches of service. The Citadel is one of the most esteemed and well-respected institutions in the country and for good reason. We identify with The Citadel’s motto; “Dare to lead.”  

The Citadel holds the code of honor, duty, and respect, values that resonate with the entire military’s codes of moral obligations. As an honor to serve the country our duty is to always put the mission first and respect the individuals appointed over us. We are the warriors who came through to seek education somewhere that mattered. To us attending The Citadel is not just a school we got accepted into, it is our alma mater. We are the veterans who knew that in order to prosper in life we needed to dare to lead.

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