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Program of Study

The construction engineering educational experience starts in the freshman year introductory courses (3 credit hours), which focus on teamwork, communication of creative ideas, and fundamental drawing skills. The study of construction engineering topics in the sophomore year and incudes surveying, geomatics, statics, and computer applications (13 credit hours), along with two business courses in microeconomics and business statistics. In addition to these credit hours, the first two years in the program include 8 credit hours of mathematics, 4-credit hours of biology, 4 credit hours of physics, 8 credit hours of chemistry, and 18 credit hours of English and history, which provide the foundation of an engineering education.

Construction engineering courses in the junior year include 12 courses (31 credit hours), focusing on fundamental construction engineering topics in materials, estimating, quality management, structural analysis, construction equipment, soils and foundations, and engineering economy. Additionally, a 3-credit hour business course is included on finance accounting and reporting.

The senior year provides depth in construction engineering by requiring a total of 8 courses (23 credit hours) focusing on construction methods, scheduling, project management, mechanical/ electrical/plumbing systems, facilities operation and maintenance, production processes and two-semester senior design. 6 credit hours in humanities are also required during the senior year.

The schedule of courses for each academic year are provide in the table below. 135 total program credit hours are required to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Construction Engineering. Physical education, ROTC and leadership courses required for The Citadel’s cadet program are not required for other students including: veteran, active duty, or students entering the evening undergraduate program. The schedule of courses for the evening undergraduate program, which includes two academic years and two summer terms, is shown in the diagram provided below.

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Freshman Year

Freshman - First Semester (Fall)
HIST Western or World Civilizations 3
ENGL 101 Composition and Literature I 3
MATH 119 Precalculus * 4
CIT 101 First Year Seminar 1
RPED 250 Required Physical Education 2
CIVL 103 Introduction to Civil Engineering 1
BIO 150 Biology for Engineers 3
BIO 151 Biology for Engineers Lab 1
  Semester Credit Hours 18


Freshman - Second Semester (Spring)
HIST Western or World Civilizations 3
ENGL 102 Composition and Literature II 3
MATH 131 Analytic Geometry and Calculus I * 4
PHYS 221 Physics with Calculus I 3
PHYS 271 Physics with Calculus I Lab 1
CIVL 101 Engineering Drawing 2
RPED 251 Required Physical Education 2
CIT 111 First Year Seminar 0
  Semester Credit Hours 18

* Math Sequence MATH 119/131

Sophomore Year

Sophomore - First Semester (Fall)
CIVL 210 Computer Appl for Civil/Env 3
CIVL 205 Surveying 3
CIVL 235 Surveying I Laboratory 1
CHEM 151 General Chemistry I 3
CHEM 161 General Chemistry I Lab 1
BADM 202 Principles of Microeconomics 3
MATH 132 Analytic Geometry and Calculus II 4
LDRS 201/11 Sophomore Seminar/Lab 1
  Semester Credit Hours 19


Sophomore - Second Semester
BADM 205 Business Statistics I 3
CIVL 208 Geospatial Representation 3
CIVL 239 Geomatics Laboratory 1
CIVL 202 Statics 3
CHEM 152 General Chemistry II 3
CHEM 162 General Chemistry II Lab 1
ENGL 260 Technical Writing 3
RPED Required Physical Education 0
  Semester Credit Hours 17


Junior Year

Junior - First Semester (Fall)
CIVL 304 Mechanics of Materials 3
CONE 302 Engr/Com. Law/Ethics/Safety/Contracts 4
CONE 311 Resource Estimating 3
CONE 320 Engr Materials & Methods (& Lab) 3
CONE 330 Quality Management/Labor Relations 3
LDRS 311 Junior Ethics Enhancement Seminar 0
  Semester Credit Hours 16


Junior - Second Semester (Spring)
CONE 340 Structural Analysis and Design 4
CONE 350 Commercial Const./Engr Equip. 3
CONE 360 Soils and Foundations (& Lab) 3
BADM 211 Intro to Financial Acct & Reporting 3
CONE 312 Advanced Estimating 3
CIVL 314 Engineering Economy 2
RPED Required Physical Education 0
  Semester Credit Hours 18


Senior Year

Senior - First Semester (Fall)
ENGL XXX British/American/World Literature 3
CONE 440 Constr. Methods & Temp Str. Design 3
CONE 410 Project Scheduling 3
CONE 481 Senior Design I 2
CONE 460 Mechanical/Electrical Systems 3
LDRS 411 Senior Leadership Integration Seminar 0
  Semester Credit Hours 14


Senior - Second Semester (Spring)
(            ) Social Science Core Course 3
CONE 415 Project Management & Engr Admin. 3
CONE 450 Facilities Op. and Maint. (BIM) 3
CONE 482 Senior Design II 3
CONE 470 Prod. Processes/Rapid Dev (& Lab) 3
  Semester Credit Hours 15
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