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Fringe Rates

When budgeting for faculty, staff, and other types of employment at The Citadel, it is important to remember the cost of fringe benefits. The fringe rate is a percentage required above the base salary or payment for services. For example, to fund a classified staff (12 month) position in FY 19, you must budget for 38.5% of the base salary as an added cost. Stated differently, if you plan to recruit for a position at $35,000, you must actually budget $48,475 (35,000 x 1.385). The additional $13,475 is reserved for the cost of employee benefits (such as health insurance and pension/retirement).

What if you have only have $43,000 in the budget? For the same employee classification (classified/12 month/38.5%), divide $43,000 by 1.385. The quotient $31,047 is the maximum base salary that you can pay.

Fringe rates are subject to change each fiscal year. Key drivers of this include changes in insurance premiums and pension funding requirements. For additional information about fringe rates, see the FY 2020 Fringe Rate Chart. Remember to always consult a HR professional regarding questions about employee classification.  


Standard Lab Fee vs. Special Lab Fee: What's the difference?

While standard lab fees are not reimburseable to the department, special lab fees may be approved on a case-by-case basis to offset unique requirements for a particular course. Please see the Standard Lab Fee vs. Special Lab Fee guidance for more information on this policy and procedures for obtaining approval for special lab fees.


FY20 Budget Load Estimated Dates

 Fund Type

Estimated Date


General Fund 110000 Operating and Revenue 7/1/2019 Complete
Athletics Fund 210010 Operating and Revenue 7/1/2019 Complete
Auxiliary Services Operating and Revenue 7/2/2019 Complete
Other Auxiliaries (Infirmary and Sports Medicine) 8/1/2019 Partial
Labor Budgets (All Funds)  7/8/2019 Complete
TCF Gift Funds (34s, 35s) 9/30/2019 -- 10/15/2019 Pending
Cash Carry Forward (12s, 13s, 14s, 16s) 9/30/2019 -- 10/15/2019 Pending
Trust Funds 10/31/2019 Pending
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