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Biology Major: B.S. in Biology Teaching Program of Study


B.S. Major in Biology/Secondary Teaching

Recommended Four-Year Schedule

Recommended Four-Year Schedule for Class of 2023 and later


The Bachelor of Science in Biology/Secondary Teaching Specialization major is designed to provide students with a broad background in modern biology that will prepare them for certification to teach Biology and General Science at the secondary school level. All students choosing this major are required to take the Introduction to Biology I and II sequence (BIOL 130, 131, 140, 141), Cell Biology (BIOL 205), Genetics (BIOL 308), Methods and Applications of Science (BIOL 330), and Ecology (BIOL 406). Students must take four additional biology electives chosen from the list below, and all other indicated courses.


Biology Electives

One course must be chosen from each of the four areas below:

Animal Physiology Area
BIOL 403 Mammalian Physiology
BIOL 414 Environmental Physiology

Animal Behavior and Evolution Area
BIOL 208 Evolution
BIOL 307 Animal Behavior

Botany Area
BIOL 203 Introduction to Plant Biology
BIOL 314 Vascular Flora of South Carolina

Zoology Area
BIOL 301 Invertebrate Zoology
BIOL 302 Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy
BIOL 408 Ornithology
BIOL 410 Vertebrate Natural History

Allied Science and Math Courses
CHEM 151/161 General Chemistry I
CHEM 152/162 General Chemistry II
EART 201 Earth Science
MATH 106/107 Applied Calculus I and II
PHYS 203/253 College Physics I
PHYS 204/254 College Physics II
STAT 160 Statistical Methods

Required Education Courses

EDUC 101 Education in Modern Society
EDUC 202 Educational Psychology
EDUC 206 Adolescent Development
EDUC 306 Teaching Reading in the Middle and High School
EDUC 312 Teaching Students with Special Needs
EDUC 401 Methods and Materials of Middle and High School Teaching
EDUC 402 Special Methods in Teaching
EDUC 499 Internship in Teaching

Core Curriculum Courses
Orientation ORTN 101
Mathematics Counted above
Computer Skills CSCI 110
English ENGL 101/102/201/elective
History HIST 103/104 or 105/106
Science Counted above
Social Science ANTH 202, PSCI 102, PSYC 201 or SOCI 201
HESS Two Activity Courses
HESS RPED 250/251

ROTC Courses
AERO, MLTY, or NAVL sequence (101, 102, 210, 202, 301, 302, 401, and 402)


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