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Information for Students


 surf2016-208-xlWofford College SURF 2016 (SoCon Undergraduate Research Forum) Photo taken by Mark Olencki from Wofford College


Guide to Getting Started


The URO (Office of Undergraduate Research) was established to support the scholarly pursuits of all undergraduate students at The Citadel. This can take the form of the traditional research path such as laboratory or field work in the sciences, researching historical persons, places, and events, preparing a piece of art, to designing and developing prototypes in engineering. Our goal is to foster active learning which means placing the responsibility of learning on you, the student. We want you to question, think, and create. How do you start?

1. Define your interests

Speak to a faculty advisor in your field of interest. Talk to fellow students who are doing research. Attend the annual Citadel Student Research Conference which occurs each spring semester. Gather some ideas.

2. Once you have defined some ideas then go to a faculty mentor.

You may also register with The Citadel's ScholarBridge account which allows you to see what faculty are doing and also allows you to tell faculty what you are interested in doing. Specifically ScholarBridge is an amazing website which allows you to search for faculty and labs where you may have some interests in working. The faculty researcher will designate if he/she has paid positions or in need of volunteers to shadow or help with the study. Many departments offer opportunities for you to receive credit doing the research with a faculty member. Once you have located a faculty member, then check to see if course credit is an option. Sign-up is free through The Citadel ScholarBridge account.



3. Work with your faculty mentor to plan your project.

Your project may involve the use of human subjects so make sure to complete an IRB and submit it to Dr. Renee Jefferson with the subject line "IRB" before you start your research. Speak to your faculty advisor about all the necessary steps before you begin your project.


4. Want to participate in Citadel SURE (Citadel Summer Undergraduate Research Experience)? 

If you are interested in participating in summer research at The Citadel with a faculty mentor, complete this form and submit it to the URO office at


5. Questions?

For more ideas and help, contact the URO and/or your school of study.


School of Business

School of Engineering

School of Humanities and Social Sciences

School of Science and Mathematics

Zucker Family School of Education


The Office of Undergraduate Research is excited to announce an exciting new partnership. ScholarBridge is a new tool to promote student and faculty involvement in academic research. ScholarBridge is an online network where professors can post their availability to mentor students. Student members can search the ScholarBridge database of professors and opportunities – at any point in their academic career - to find the right mentor and the research focus that they are most interested in actively pursuing. Start by going to and creating a free account.


    SURF 2016 (Photo taken by Mark Olencki from Wofford College

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