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Research Highlights





SURF 2016 (Photo taken by Mark Olencki from Wofford College)

March 17, 2017 was The Citadel's inaugural Day of Student Excellence. Students from all disciplines participated in this event. Listed below are the winners of the research portion, with first author of the project listed.

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Student Excellence Day, March 17, 2017 (Photo taken by Dr. Sarah Imam)

3rd place Design Award
Franklin Wright
Improving communication between NASA’s CubeSats and ground station

2nd place Design Award
Carly Cannon
Joined wing research aircraft and aerodynamic characteristics

1st place Design Award
Ryan Herbst
Corrosion in inaccessible areas in military equipment

3rd place Experimental Award
Ivan Dingle
A long-term study of cortisol as a biomarker for chronic stressors in Bond volunteer aspirants

2nd place Experimental Award
Colin Maier
Fluid behavior of Clark Y-14 airfoil

1st place Experimental Award
James Greer
Does taking a fine arts class improve student’s visual spatial perception and memory?

3rd place Qualitative Award
Emily Rooney
Exposure to trauma and its effects on tele communicators

Tied for 1st place

1st place Qualitative Award
Angel Peralta
College freshmen perceptions of heroism

1st Place Qualitative Award
Mary Catherine Patton
Reading intervention to economically disadvantaged students in a summer camp setting

3rd place Theoretical Award
James Andrus
Ensuring secure and fairly timed computer network communication

2nd place Theoretical Award
Luke Ryan Tiscareno
A rational Fibonacci to the n

1st place Theoretical Award
Nathan S. McAnally
Generalize identities from Fibonacci numbers and Lucas numbers to the generalized Fibonacci polynomial


The two Sigma Xi awards belong to the following projects:

Connor Downing
Hexamethylene triperoxide diamine (HMTD)

Paul Grey Klosinski
Using metagenomics for the analysis of the salt marsh periwinkle microbiota


SURF 2016 - Wofford College, Spartanburg, SC October 29 and 30, 2016


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