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Faculty-Led Short-Term Programs

Students can participate in Faculty-Led Study Abroad programs over spring-break and during the summer. On these programs, students will travel abroad with a Citadel faculty member and will earn Citadel credit towards their degree. Spring-Break programs will be associated with a specific section of an on-campus spring semestser course which will travel abroad together as a class over spring-break to bring the course curriculum to life. The Global Scholars program offered during the Fall semester will also have an on-site Citadel faculty member. If space allows, Non-Citadels students are able to apply for Citadel Faculty-Led programs. To search and apply for Citadel-Sponsored programs, students should visit


Summer 2018 Program Offerings

*Citadel Summer in Spain

*Citadel Maymester in Belize

*Citadel Summer in Argentina

*Citadel Summer in France

*Citadel Summer in London

*Citadel Engineering in Italy

*Citadel Summer in Peru

*Citadel Summer in Estonia

*Citadel Summer in Lithuania

*Citadel M.Ed England Student Affairs Practicum

*Project GO - Taiwan

*The Citadel in DC

*The Citadel in Prague

*The Citadel Education and History in London

*Citadel Spring Break in Uruguay

*Citadel Spring Break in Italy


Citadel Program Blogs


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Citadel Summer in Spain 2017 - Roca Medina Group

Citadel Summer in Spain 2017 - Blanco and Hellin Group



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Citadel Summer in Peru 2015 - Professor Blanco


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Citadel Summer in Mexico 2015 - Dr. Brian Norris

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