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Welcome to the Office of Study Abroad!

One of the primary goals of The Citadel’s strategic initiatives is to Develop Principled Leaders in a Globalized Environment. Accordingly, in order to provide a globalized learning environment, The Citadel has made great strides in creating momentum in the area of international education.

The Office of Study Abroad, International, and Domestic Programs (OIDP) was created to provide students with significant opportunities for academic and culturally rich experiences abroad. We know these programs enhance the overall learning experience and cadets will be better equipped to engage society both locally and globally. Our commissioning cadets also advance their standing for assignment when they have global experiences and language acquisition as a part of their academic experience.

There are a myriad of study abroad opportunities available to fit each student’s individual ambitions, academic needs, and interests. The duration and type of program typically range from semester abroad, summer programs, international internships, service learning, and exchange programs. All of these programs, although different in scope, allow students from all disciplines the means by which to enrich their professional goals while also progressing through their individual academic pathways.

Citadel students are strongly encouraged to study abroad as part of their college experience. Whether it's for a semester or a few weeks, connecting with people and places in another part of the world leaves a lasting impact on a students' perspective and world view.

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To search for semester and short-term study abroad programs, visit The Citadel's online application portal, Abroad Office, here.



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