The Military College of South Carolina
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B.S. for Corps of Cadets

Cadets at The Citadel are classified academically as freshmen (4A,4B), sophmores (3A,3B), juniors (2A,2B), or seniors (1A,1B) according to the progress they have made toward meeting course requirements for their designated academic majors. In addition, to be classifed 1A or 1B, the cadet must also have completed the following portion of the Core Curriculum requirement of their major:

  • All English (4 courses)
  • All Mathematics (2 courses)
  • All History (2 courses)
  • One Year of Science (2 semesters of the same science with associated labs)
  • One Year of Language (2 semesters of the same language if the major requires a language)
    Note: The Department of Electrical Engineering does not require a foreign language.

These academic classifications are based on the number of hours earned at The Citadel or transferred to The Citadel from another college or through Advanced Placement (AP) or the College Level Equivalency Program (CLEP). For example, to be classified as a second semester sophmore (3B) as an Electrical Engineering major the cadet must have earned at least 45 credit hours at The Citadel or through transfers.

Cadet Classification
Academic Classification vs. Credit Hours Required
4A 0
4B 9
3A 26
3B 45
2A 63
2B 82
1A 100
1B 118



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