The Citadel

The Military College of South Carolina


Faculty and Staff

Department Head

LTC Sean Patrick Griffin


Full-Time Faculty 

LTC Carl Jensen

LTC Bob McNamara

CPT Brian Norris

CPT Matthew Zommer

CPT Roy Fenoff


Citadel Fellow of Intelligence & Security Studies 

LTC Michael Brady


Visiting Faculty

Ms. Reba Parker

Mr. Ed Lugo


  Adjunct Faculty 

Ms. Amy Haley

Dr. Anthony Kowbeidu

Mr. Shawn Livingston

Ms. Kathleen Love

Ms. Lindey Maza

COL Neil Schuehle

Ms. Janet Ward

Mr. Alan Williams 



Ms. Susan Danko (Administrative Assistant) 

Mr. Robert Lowman (Graduate Assistant)

Ms. Lindey Maza (Academic Advisement)

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