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About Det 765


det yearbook photo_ay 15-16

AFROTC Det 765 Cadre for the 2015-2016 academic year.

Our Mission

Develop Air Force leaders and citizens of character, dedicated to serving the nation.

Our Vision

Cultivate a culture and environment of continuous learning, enthusiasm, pride, and tradition.

A Brief History

In 1947, 1st Lieutenant Milton M. Reid was the only Airman assigned to the Military Science and Tactics Department, and was responsible for the "Air Corps" branch of the department. In 1948, Major Louis E. Williams, Citadel Class of 1927, joined the "Air Corps" branch, now two officers strong and apparently unaware of the momentous changes that had occurred in Washington on Sep 17, 1947. Finally in 1951 the Air Science and Tactics Department formed, led by Lt Colonel D. B Orr with a staff of five officers and four enlisted personnel.

Air Force ROTC Detachment 765 continues to build on the legacy established by Lt Reid and Maj Williams. The detachment now has a staff of 9 active duty personnel and instructs over 700 students. The young men and women here today are the future of the United States Air Force and it is our privilege to help educate and mentor them as they begin their Air Force careers.


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