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Modern Languages Placement Exam


The Modern Languages Placement Exam is expected to open on  June 1, 2020.

Modern Languages Offerings and Requirements:

  • Students who never took the language before should enroll in 101.
    Most students will take two semesters in the same language (for all majors except Engineering and Education), some departments require their majors to take up to four semesters in the same language, students must consult with their department.
  • The Department of Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures offers four languages to fulfill the core requirement: French, German, Spanish, and Chinese (Asian Studies).
  • If students wish to continue with the same language that they studied in high school, they must take the Citadel’s Modern Languages Placement Exam (MLPE) but no matter what their score is the lowest possible level they will be placed in is 102 (second semester). Only students who are choosing a language not studied in High School will start at the 101 level.
  • The score will determine the placement level (102, 201, 202, etc.) for a student's modern language study at The Citadel. For those students who would like to begin a new language—one not previously studied—they will need to request a waiver from the Placement Test by writing to by August 1st. Students who wish to study Chinese do not need to request a waiver.



The Language Placement Test will be given online starting June 1st. Complete all placement tests by August 1st.


Tests are timed, requiring between thirty minutes and one hour. Once students successfully login to Canvas, they select the appropriate language test. Before beginning, students must read the instructions. After completing the test, students must save the answers before submitting the test for grading.

Students should take the Placement Exam as early as possible in order to complete registration for fall semester.

Remember: Enrollment in 101 courses (except for Chinese) is restricted to students that never took the language before by the language department.


  1. Disable all popup blockers.
  2. Review the Canvas Information page if technical problems occur.
  3. Do your very best! It is to your advantage.

How do I log in to Canvas?
Visit the Canvas Information page.

Contact Information for Questions about the MLPE:

Dr. Silvia M. Roca-Martínez, Ph.D. 
Associate Professor of Spanish and Latin American Literature


Considering Whether to Study French or German at The Citadel?

French is one of two languages (the other being Chinese) that The Citadel offers that are officially on the Strategic Languages List for the Military. According to the Defense Language and National Security Education Office, the Secretaries of the Military Departments may pay a Foreign Language Proficiency Bonus (FLPB) to eligible Service members up to $12,000 annually. French is the official language in 29 countries, and 70% of African countries use French as an official language. Due to the demographic explosion in Africa, it is expected that as many as 700 million people will speak French in a few years. French is thus both a business and a strategic asset. It is the 3rd global business language, after English and Chinese (Bloomberg), the 2nd business language of the European Area after English and ahead of German, Russian, Italian and Spanish (British Council). At The Citadel, Cadets are strongly encouraged to participate in the various Summer and Semester Study Abroad Programs in France and other Francophone countries. Cadets can also apply to participate in a Semester Abroad at the prestigious Saint-Cyr Military School in France, to attend a War-Studies Program and a two-week training in French Guyana. So, pick French as your core curriculum language requirements.

German at The Citadel is fun and no more difficult than Spanish or French. Of the languages most commonly taught in the US, German is the closest to English. Class sizes are moderate and our German Club is very active. Many companies, especially in the Southeast, actively recruit employees who speak German. German is a key business language in the European Union, which now has 27 member countries. Germany is America’s largest European trading partner: more than 750 major American firms are doing business in Germany and more than 1100 German firms do business in the US—a large portion thereof in the Southeast. German companies in the US pay German-speaking employees premium salaries. Many students choose to fulfill some of their language requirement studying in Germany or Austria. Many go on to add either a German minor or double-major to their program. We offer opportunities to our students to study abroad during the summer and during the academic year. We have a direct exchange with the University of the Federal Armed Forces in Hamburg, Germany. So try German, we promise you will like it!

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