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CFA Bylaws

The Constitution of the Citadel Family Association -  (2020)

Article I - Name

The name of the organization shall be The Citadel Family Association (CFA).

Article II - Purpose

The Citadel Family Association (CFA) serves the families of current cadets. Its mission is to:

  • Provide information to and support for the families of current cadets
  • Provide the families with a forum for discussion of common interests
  • Take reasonable steps to support College initiatives.

Article III - Membership

Section 1Representation. As far as is practicable, parent membership shall reflect all cadet levels of academic standing.
Section 2Eligible MembersAll parents of current Citadel cadets are active members of the CFA, and as such are eligible for membership on respective CFA Facebook pages. Each CFA member is entitled to participate in considering any item of business that is deliberated at a meeting of the CFA and is entitled by his or her membership to voting rights as pertains to the elections of CFA officers and issues brought before the general body.   Voting is limited to (1) per family
Section 3. Definition. “Parents” shall mean all persons who by birth, guardianship, or cadet choice are primarily responsible for the general welfare of a current Citadel cadet.

Article IV - Organization

Section 1. Jurisdiction. The jurisdiction over all CFA activities shall be vested in the eligible members of the CFA and in coordination with The Citadel administration.

Section 2. CFA Board Officers
. The CFA Board members are selected as a result of self, or colleague nominations, board interviews, and a successful membership approval vote at the CFA Annual Meeting (Corps Day Weekend). 

Clause 1. Qualifications for Office. Each officer of the CFA Board shall be a parent (as defined in Article III, Section 2 of The Constitution) of a current Citadel cadet at the time of election, and for the duration of their term.

Clause 2. Meeting and Quorum
. The CFA Board shall meet a minimum of two (2) times per academic year. Meetings shall be called at such time and place, as the Chairperson shall determine. 2/3 affirmative votes shall be required to successfully enact CFA Board actions, and can be received via email or telephone if the member is unable to be present.

Clause 3. Powers and Duties
. The CFA Board, in addition to all general powers of the supreme governing body, shall also have the power:

  • To uphold the purpose and mission of the CFA in service to The Citadel
  • To manage the property and business of the CFA and to represent and act for the Citadel Family Association in all matters.
  • To authorize and appoint such special officers and committees as may be deemed necessary or expedient for the welfare of the CFA.
  • To recommend disbursement of CFA monies.
  • To prescribe the duties of the Executive Officers and to provide for the regulations and operation of the business of the CFA.
  • To maintain Respect and Privacy in the engagement of all parents.

Clause 4. Duties of CFA Board.  Board officers must be present at 2 CFA on-campus meetings, to include Matriculation Day and Corps Day/Rec. Day weekends.  Board members should also be available to best represent the CFA at home football games (CFA tent), and special events (Parents Weekend, etc..).  In addition to the general duties of office, the CFA Board Members shall report and have the following specific duties. 

A. Chairperson. To preside at all meetings of The Citadel Family Association; to report to the CFA at the Annual Meeting on the activities and status of the CFA since the last Annual Meeting; to assume responsibility for organizing and executing Matriculation Day activities; and in all manner and way to act as The Citadel Family Association’s chief representative and organizational spokesperson.  Additionally, the Chairperson will serve on The Citadel Foundation’s “Parent Council”, to assist in the effort to educate parents about critical Citadel needs.

B. Vice Chairperson. The Vice Chairperson is responsible for managing all organizational logistics/events, to include (but not limited to):

  • CFA merchandise orders via authorized vendor(s)
  • CFA Company & Batt. Rep. business card orders
  • And to co-manage associated financial records of all the above with the CFA Secretary / Treasurer and CFA Liaison Officer.

In addition, the Vice Chair will assist the Chairperson in all duties required by the office and to act in his/her/their behalf at all times and the Chairperson may designate places during his/her/their absence; and to perform such duties as.

  1. C. Communications Chair. This role oversees all CFA Communications, to include newsletter content, social media, CFA Company & Area Representative training communications, and general CFA broadcast messages. The Communications Chair will play a proactive role in driving CFA Board information to the broader organizational constituency, whether via paper, phone, or electronic transmission.
  2. D. Volunteer Coordinator. The Volunteer Coordinator is responsible for the cultivation, vetting & management of all Citadel Family Association volunteers, to include:
  • CFA Batt. & Company Representatives
  • CFA Matriculation Day – “Blue Shirt Army” volunteers
  • CFA Home Football game tent volunteers
  • CFA BBQ and other Event Weekend volunteers

  1. E. Secretary / Treasurer. To keep record of the proceedings of all formal meetings and maintain the Constitution and Code of Bylaws. In addition, the CFA Treasurer will work directly with the Vice Chair and CFA Liaison Officer to manage all financial transactions, records, and bookkeeping with respect to CFA organizational events.

Section 3.  Citadel Family Association Battalion & Company Representatives

Clause 1. Qualifications for Office. Each officer of the CFA Board shall be a parent/guardian (as defined in Article III, Section 2 of The Constitution) of a current Citadel cadet at the time of election, and for the duration of their term.

Clause 2. CFA Battalion and Company Reps. are selected by the Volunteers Chair and presented to the CFA Board for approval and installation
. The CFA Volunteers Chair works with the Communications Chair to advertise Batt. And CO. Reps vacancies to current cadet parents.   All subsequent candidates are reviewed and submitted for full Board approval prior to installation.  Upon installation, all Batt. & CO. Reps are trained on role “best practices” and will receive a “referral document” that lists all critical on-campus resources for use when parent needs exceed CFA purview.

Clause 3. Powers and Duties

Battalion Representatives - responsibilities and roles within the Citadel Family Association (CFA) include (and not limited to):

  • To uphold the purpose and mission of the CFA in service to The Citadel.
  • Continually engaging respective Company Reps. in the assessing of any needs, and jointly work to help address any problems, as when they occur. Battalion Reps work continually to cultivate positive working relationships with their Company Reps and to foster and maintain an open line of communication.
  • Provide feedback to the CFA Board regarding growing issues or trend information useful to the organizational leadership team. Transmitting these needs/concerns to the CFA Board is important to ensure a positive cadet parent experience when broader issues need to be addressed.
  • Build rapport and grow a healthy working relationship with respective Battalion TAC officers.
  • To maintain Respect and Privacy in the engagement of all parents.

Company Representatives - responsibilities and roles within the Citadel Family Association (CFA) include (and not limited to):

  • To uphold the purpose and mission of the CFA in service to The Citadel.
  • The primary responsibility will be addressing any and all calls, emails and other forms of communication from parents. Many will be minor support-related calls, but some may and could be more serious.  Any serious calls/concerns, best judgement would need to be executed in making sound referrals to official Citadel resources (to be provided).  Respect and Privacy is key in this role and expected from all representatives of the CFA.
  • Company Reps need to maintain an open line of communications between the Battalion Rep, CFA Board and CFA Liaison Officer and be available, if needed, to assume other responsibilities like on-campus events and functions.

Article V - Nominations and Elections

Section 1. Election and Term. The Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Communications Chair and Secretary/Treasurer shall be elected by vote at the annual meeting of the CFA (or alternate meeting in event of annual meeting cancelation). Typical service terms are two years (maximum of 3), but there is great emphasis put upon seeing that the Board roles alternatively roll off to preserve veteran experience during transitions. The term of office shall commence immediately following the CFA Annual Meeting. Within the limits of Article 3, Section 2, married parents shall have the option of sharing their responsibilities with their spouses.

Section 2. Nominations. All CFA members are welcome to submit recommendations/nominations for CFA Board positions, but they must be received by the current CFA Chairperson thirty (30) days prior to the CFA Annual Meeting. Nominations may be made by mail, telephone, or email.  One vote per family.

Article VI - Amendments

Section 1. Amendments. All amendments to this Constitution must first be approved by the CFA Board and then authorized by a consensus of the CFA. Final approval of amendments is accomplished by a majority vote of the members of the CFA in attendance at the Annual Meeting.  If the Annual Meeting should be cancelled because of unnatural and or unplanned events that have impacted the campus (and/or CFA community), an Alternate Public Meeting can be established by the Board and communicated to the CFA community.   If the campus should be shuttered for longer than 5 months, CFA Board Amendments can be ratified by voice of the Provost.

Clause 1. Notice of Amendment. All proposed amendments to the Constitution should be submitted to the CFA Board 30 days prior to the Annual Meeting, and must be present at said Annual Meeting to offer their amendment(s) for consideration.  The CFA Board shall study, review and make its recommendations to members of The CFA via the organizational website (, as well as all CFA Facebook Group pages 30 days prior to the Annual (or Alternate) Meeting.

Clause 2. By Whom Proposed. Any one of the following may sponsor an amendment:
A. CFA Board Members
B. CFA Company & Battalion Representatives

Clause 3. Effective Date. Amendments to this Constitution shall become effective immediately upon their adoption by the CFA membership at the Annual Meeting, the Alternate Public Meeting (in the event the Annual Meeting is canceled), or by The Citadel’s Provost in times of emergency in excess of 5 months.

Section 2. Code of Bylaws. The CFA Board may amend, by a majority vote, from time to time the Code of Bylaws, which bylaws shall at all times be consistent with and conform to the laws of the United States of America and the provisions of this Constitution.

Clause 1. By Whom Proposed. Any one of the following may sponsor recommendations for proposed amendments:
A. CFA Board Members
B. CFA Company & Battalion Representatives

The Code of Bylaws of the Citadel Family Association
Adopted August, 2020

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