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About The Citadel Criminal Justice Society


The Criminal Justice Society is a student organization in the Criminal Justice Department. All students taking courses in criminal justice at The Citadel or cadets who are interested in criminal justice are invited to participate. The CJ Society regularly schedules guest speakers, field trips and various professional opportunities for its members. In addition, students involved in this organization have the opportunity to participate in academic conferences, fundraising events and community service projects.

CJ Society Officers 2014-2015

President: Robert Couseillant
Vice President: Cameron Hackett
Treasurer: Joseph Russo
Historian: Jonathan Eveler
Event Coordinator: Reid Leeson

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Matthew Zommer

Events for Fall 2014

Oct. 16 - South Carolina Highway Patrol
Oct. 30 - U.S. Marshals
Nov. 13 - Charleston County Sheriff's Office
Dec. 4 - Federal Bureau of Investigation

 Times and locations for events can be found on The Criminal Justice Society Facebook page.




cj society visits fletc 2013

Members of The Citadel Criminal Justice Society visit the Federal Law Enforcement Training at the ATF National Academy in Glynco, GA (spring 2013).


Members of The Citadel Criminal Justice Society visit the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement in North Charleston, SC (spring 2013).


crmj society ice


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