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From Matriculation Day forward, you are automatically a member of this support network that is only a mouse click, phone call or email away. Your son or daughter journeys down the road less traveled, the CFA is here to support you through a readily available network. Representatives at each level are parents of current upper-class cadets. This site and the CFA Facebook page are kept up to date with information provided directly from the school, making them great first-hand sources of information with just a click of a mouse.

Since its inception in 1993, The Citadel Family Association (CFA) has been dedicated to three main goals:

  • To provide information to, and support for, the families of current cadets
  • To provide families with a forum for discussion of common interests
  • To support college initiatives.

From The Citadel Newsroom

The Citadel is celebrating its 175th anniversary. To learn more about the history of The Citadel and upcoming events, visit the 175th Anniversary page.

Spring 2018 at The Citadel!

Puxatawney Phil might need 6 more weeks of winter, but here in Charleston we're seeing all the signs that spring is just around the corner. Check here and our CFA Facebook page for updates on the upcoming events at The Citadel.

Corps Day Weekend and Recognition Day - March 23 and 24

Corps Day is the birthday celebration of the founding of The Citadel’s South Carolina Corps of Cadets. The State Legislature passed an act on December 20, 1842, establishing The Citadel, but it wasn’t until March 20, 1843 that the first cadets reported to The Citadel which at that time was located downtown on Marion Square. This year’s Corps Day will be our 175th!





A Message from the Parents Program - Recognition Day

I apologize for the delay in getting more detailed information to you, but the final schedule just got approved and I didn’t want to send anything that would have been premature.  Take a few minutes to visit Recognition Day 2018.  I have expanded on what is posted on the College’s website, hopefully making it easier for you to make your plans.  Yes, there is a T-Shirt for sale – this one has official logos and in my opinion looks better than those you may find on the web.  You can also pre-order boxed lunches.  It is a crowded day and the canteen will be jammed.  With the lunch, you come to Buyer Hall and pick it up, and don’t have to wait in line to pay – last year there was no line so you could head back out and watch the action.

There is a deadline for ordering, so don't delay in if you are planning on attending that day. Please note the cut-off dates for the shirts and lunches.  Shirts are midnight of February 26th which gives me time to get them on order.  I plan on order only the amount that is ordered via the website and deliver them to your cadets before Friday, 23 March.

Bottom-line: we hope you have a great time supporting your cadet.  It will be a very tough, but rewarding couple of days for them.   If you have any questions please send them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Taylor Skardon
Captain USN (Ret.)

The Long Gray Line Graduation Parade and Commencement 2018

Commencement 2018 information has been posted. For official information and answers to your questions about announcements, schedules, diploma frames, tickets, accessibility, photography, contact information and much more, visit Commencement 2018.

Cadet Photography

Cadets have been granted electronic access to their ePortraits, including yearbook pictures, leadership photos, company class photos and ring photos.

Instructions to access photos:

  1. Log into Lesesne Gateway (           
  2. Click on the Campus Life tab•            
  3. Navigate to the Photography and PR box•            
  4. Click on Cadet Portraits, Class Photos, Ring Photos

What you’ll find online:

  • Yearbook Portraits and Company Class Photos (if cadets had pictures taken).
  • Senior cadets, if they participated in the Ring Ceremony, will receive Ring Portraits, and the senior class picture
  • Along with portraits, cadets will be granted a Photo Copyright Release which will allow them to legally print as many copies in whatever format they want.


What if my cadet failed to have his or her photo taken? Cadets had the opportunity to have photos taken during makeup days.  These pictures, however, will not appear in the yearbook.

What’s the best finish to use for photos? A matte finish will give the photo a professional quality finish.

Have the photos been touched up? No.  Photo re-touching services, however, are available at most professional printers. A Google search will help you find local and online services.

How long will photos be available? As long as the cadet is currently enrolled at The Citadel.

CFA Volunteers


Check out those cool people in the blue shirts. That's us! The CFA Blue Shirt Army. We assisted nearly 800 cadets and their families on Matriculation Day.



Key Dates and Events 2017-18:

  • 06 August - Cadre Reports (should confirm with their leadership)
  • 12 August – Class of 2021 Reports (Matriculation Day)
  • 20 August - Upperclassmen Report
  • 23 August - Fall Classes Start
  • 06 October - Ring Presentation and Ring Ceremony events
  • 07 October - Parents Day
  • 27-29 October - Homecoming Weekend
  • 17 November - Fall Break begins after the last class
  • 26 November - Fall Break ends - SCCC return to campus
  • 1-3 December - Christmas Candlelight Service
  • 13 December - Winter Furlough begins
  • 7 January - Winter Furlough ends - SCCC return to campus
  • 9 March - Spring Break begins after the last class
  • 18 March - Spring Break ends - SCCC return to campus
  • 22-25 March - Corps Day Weekend (Recognition Day)
  • 4 May - The Long Gray Line Graduation Parade
  • 5 May - Commencement (Summer Furlough begins)

Master Calendar

Training Calendars

Full Parade Calendar

Visiting Campus? Map and Virtual Tour
Look for visitor parking designated as V on the map.

The Citadel has arranged a number of discounted hotel rates in the Charleston area.

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