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Welcome to The Citadel Family Association

From Matriculation Day forward, you are automatically a member of this support network that is only a mouse click, phone call or email away. Your son or daughter journeys down the road less traveled, the CFA is here to support you through a readily available network. Representatives at each level are parents of current upper-class cadets. This site and the CFA Facebook page are kept up to date with information provided directly from the school, making them great first-hand sources of information with just a click of a mouse.

Since its inception in 1993, The Citadel Family Association (CFA) has been dedicated to three main goals:

  • To provide information to, and support for, the families of current cadets
  • To provide families with a forum for discussion of common interests
  • To support college initiatives.

Watch this page for news and important updates. Please check the CFA's Facebook page, The Citadel’s Facebook page, Twitter page, your email and often for the latest information for families. Looking for a previous post? Visit the Cadet Information Page.

From the Office of Operations & Administration

Since approximately 1993, The Citadel has provided a courier service to cadets for transportation to doctor visits, pharmacies, and other such appointments. After an analysis of the cost of the service and the cost to operate the service was conducted, it was determined that there are viable alternatives to cadets available at a similar or lower cost. Options to cadets for non-emergency care are taxis, Uber, and CARTA (the local bus service). Cadets will be responsible for their own transportation needs after 15 June 2017.  EMS should be used for emergency care.

Where is the Nice to Have List? Looking for Class of 2021 information?

Update from Admissions: In an effort to streamline communications about Matriculation Day, there will be one central site managed on The Citadel website. The Admissions and Commandant's Offices are working together to create a comprehensive list of items needed by matriculating students. Parents are strongly encouraged to refrain from purchasing items, even if a current or past parent (or cadet) feels it's a must, until this list is released. On occasion, the school will change a uniform requirement (i.e., the change from one style white athletic socks to another caused all kinds of anxiety). Enjoy these last few weeks and plan your shopping trip with your student for late June. We expect to see the new Matriculation Day web page and the updated list around mid-June.

What if my student forgets something? The Cadet Store and bookstore stock the most commonly needed items. All cadets have a mailbox, which is located in Mark Clark Hall next to the bookstore. If a package doesn't fit in the mailbox, it will be sent to the central warehouse.

When is...?

Use this Master Calendar to quickly find when an event will be taking place on campus. Works great on your cellphone!

Another great resource is the Training Schedule webpage. The weekly Corps of Cadets schedules will have the most updated information, but even this schedule is subject to change at any time.

From the Citadel Newsroom

From highlight videos to inspiring photos from the big day, visit South Carolina Corps of Cadets Commencement 2017 Recap

Additional photos from various events on campus can be found on The Citadel Photography Facebook page.

From the Parents Program

As an important advisor, you may find it challenging to find effective ways to encourage your cadet to stay focused.  To help with those conversations, we have posted on The Adjutant page of the Parents website links to subjects we hope you will discuss with your Cadet. For underclassmen parents, take a peek at the remaining class years' information. You will want to review these just before fall semester begins.

You can access these links via The Adjutant Page or by going straight to the individual pages by clicking on the appropriate link below:

  • If your Cadet is currently a Senior who will graduate in May
  • If your Cadet is currently a Junior
  • If your Cadet is currently a Sophomore
  • If your Cadet is currently a Freshman

If you have any questions, please send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

To help with planning travel and visits, we've put together a few important dates. This is by no means a comprehensive list, but a few that parents are generally most interested in. It's important that cadets monitor changes that may be communicated via campus email or the training schedules. We encourage you to contact your CFA company or battalion representive or your cadet's company TAC officer (TACTICAL OFFICERS and NCOs) if you have questions or concerns. These conversations are kept private and will help you to quickly and directly find the accurate information you need to help advise your cadet.

 Key Dates and Events 2017-18:

  •  06 August - Cadre Reports (should confirm with their leadership)
  • 12 August – Class of 2021 Reports (Matriculation Day)
  • 20 August - Upperclassmen Report
  • 23 August - Fall Classes Start
  • 06 October - Ring Presentation and Ring Ceremony events
  • 07 October - Parents Day
  • 27-29 October - Homecoming Weekend
  • 17 November - Fall Break begins after the last class
  • 26 November - Fall Break ends - SCCC return to campus
  • 1-3 December - Christmas Candlelight Service
  • 13 December - Winter Furlough begins
  • 7 January - Winter Furlough ends - SCCC return to campus
  • 9 March - Spring Break begins after the last class
  • 18 March - Spring Break ends - SCCC return to campus
  • 22-25 March - Corps Day Weekend (Recognition Day)
  • 4 May - The Long Gray Line Graduation Parade
  • 5 May - Commencement (Summer Furlough begins)

Master Calendar

Training Calendars

Full Parade Calendar

Visiting Campus? Map and Virtual Tour
Look for visitor parking designated as V on the map.

The Citadel has arranged a number of discounted hotel rates in the Charleston area.


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