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Change is Coming...BDC APRIL 2016 

Bulldog-Challenge-knob-teamThe Bulldog Challenge is a grueling six mile (10k) endurance course that will push you and your three team mates to the limit while sucking the energy right out of you. Your team will encounter obstacles that will add "friction" to your 10k run; what you once might thought of as easy will become seemingly impossible; all while running throughout the campus of The Citadel, parts of the City of Charleston, and our life-draining marsh.

If you think other "endurance" courses are dirty or maniacal, then you haven't stepped foot into the authentic Charlestonian pluff mud on our course!

Bulldog-Challenge-tire-flipThroughout the course, competitors will have to negotiate various obstacles individually and as a team. Some of the obstacles that are part of the course include a fireman's carry, an USMC obstacle course, and a rope climb.

The event is open to the public and last year there were over 600 participants. The Bulldog Challenge has grown into a nationally recognized event, attracting competitors from all over the country. In addition, the Bulldog Challenge is credited for raising thousands of dollars for national, local, and veteran charities. Visit for more information.


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