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24 Hours at The Citadel

Scroll down to follow 24 hours in the life of a Citadel Cadet.SWIPE UP to follow 24 hours in the life of a Citadel Cadet.

0500 Summerall Field

Lights shine on the cadets lined up in formation for their early morning physical training (PT).

0600 Inside the Barracks

A cadet fastens his Company letter as he gets ready for the day wearing his duty uniform.

0700 Stevens Barracks

Fifth Battalion comes together around their battalion commander for morning formation.

0800 Class of 1955 Flagpole

In the foggy morning, cadets raise the American flag found on the south side of Summerall Field.

0900 Tommy and Victoria Baker
School of Business

A business professor captures cadets’ attention during her class instruction.

1000 Anatomy and Physiology Lab

Cadets work over an Anatomage table to examine medical case studies.

1100 Coward Hall

The bustling Mess Hall is filled with cadets socializing while enjoying a variety of fresh food.

1230 Parade Practice

Marching cadets prepare for their formal bi-weekly Friday parade.

1400 Chemists in Byrd Hall

A Citadel chemistry professor prepares cadets for their hands on class activity.

1500 Club and Intramural Practices

Members of the women’s club rugby team practice scrum on the field.

1530 Padgett-Thomas Barracks

Practice for the Kelly Cup. The best-drilled freshman cadets in each company compete in the yearly competition.

1600 Sailing on the Ashley River

The sailing club sets sail on a breezy day from the Swain Boating Center.

1630 Summerall Field

Rifle in hand, a cadet participates in ROTC training without breaking focus.

1700 Daniel Library

Cadets quietly socialize at a table in the library over their classwork.

1800 Dog Tired

The Citadel’s Bulldog mascot Gen. Mike D. Groshon (G3) takes a nap on his jeep.

2000 Searching Through the Collections

A cadet searches for a book within the more than 180,000 volumes available at Daniel Library.

2100 Bastin Hall

Dusk falls as three cadets walk towards the business school after returning from a Charleston Pass (CP).

2200 Studying in the Barracks

A lamp lights up a cadet’s desk preparing for her morning classes.

2300 The Citadel at Night

The lively campus grows still in the starless night.