Double Overtime

Tereis Drayton, ’23, hustles on two levels. For the 2023 football team, he is the honor representative and right tackle on the offensive line. For his studies, he is a double major in accounting and business management.

Drayton, accustomed to being coached on the field, wanted a coach for his field of study. He scored when the Baker School of Business Coaching Program partnered him with Peter Wild, a senior advisor at McKinsey & Company, the world’s largest strategy consulting firm by revenue. Wild, a recent Great Britain transplant, discovered the Baker School coaching program while in search of ways to be helpful to his new community.

“If you start at the top, you’ll always have that organization’s name on your resume.”

“He has encouraged me to go out of my way to apply to top companies,” Drayton said. “If
you start at the top, you’ll always have that organization’s name on your resume.” This advice was the motivation Drayton needed to apply for an internship with Deloitte, one of the world’s leading accounting firms. After several rounds of interviews, Drayton secured an internship for the summer following his 2023 graduation.

Wild has invited Drayton to conference calls, Zoom meetings and lunch on several occasions. “We’ve been learning from each other,” Drayton said. “I’ve been explaining Citadel daily life to him, and he’s been giving me business advice for conducting myself and following up.”

Already a fan of soccer and rugby, Wild now has a new favorite sport—football. “My mentor’s first time ever at an American football game was at The Citadel last year. He just loved it,” Drayton said. “It is so different from what he is used to. He’s excited about season tickets for this upcoming year.”

Drayton and Wild bring different life experiences to the conference table, and they now share a love of The Citadel and Bulldog football that will help them tackle the future as a team.