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The Citadel's Brand Toolbox

What is a brand?

A brand is the experience our audience receives or expects to receive.

It is what sets us apart from other colleges and universities.

Our brand is defined by the ideas and perceptions
people have about The Citadel, and
those ideas are influenced by what they see.

It is important that our audience sees a consistent look throughout all communication materials created for The Citadel, so that our identity is instantly recognizable.

The Citadel's Brand Toolbox and Graphic Guidelines

With today's technology, people are bombarded with hundreds of visual images and messages every day. Successful organizations know that it is important to build and maintain a strong visual identity that will cut through the visual clutter and be recognized instantly and positively by target audiences. The goal of visual identity is to create an immediate recognition and an emotional connection with desired audiences.

The guidelines presented in this toolbox ensure a basic level of consistency across college communications. At the same time, they provide schools and unique student populations the latitude to develop projects that meet their specific needs. This toolbox provides specific directions for the proper application of our logo and related elements. Included samples represent the graphic standard in nearly all situations.

The only exceptions—and there are acceptable exceptions—must be approved on a case-by-case basis by the vice president of communications and marketing.

Campus constituents should refer to this toolbox when developing any communications.

We hope you find the Branding Toolbox useful.
Should you have any questions or suggestions,
please let us know by emailing

The Citadel official logo

(Note: Please do not dispose any current inventory of business cards, letterhead, communication tool, etc.; you may continue using these until they are exhausted. When reprinting or creating new materials, you should apply the branding tips, tools and templates found in this guide).

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