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Why Choose Mechanical Engineering?

Mechanical Engineering is a broad discipline that applies the principles of science, mathematics, and engineering to design, create, and maintain mechanical systems. For those who are creative problem solvers, a degree in Mechanical Engineering can provide you with the tools to pursue your passions and bring your ideas to reality. Outlined below are some of the benefits of choosing to pursue your degree in Mechanical Engineering at The Citadel.

Career Variety

Mechanical Engineering is involved in almost every design endeavor; this provides tremendous flexibility to a Mechanical Engineer’s career and life. Mechanical Engineers can work on a wide array of projects from designing new wind turbines that provide power here on earth to modeling the effects of the sun’s rays on an orbiting satellite. To allow personal variety in this broad field, The Citadel Mechanical Engineering Program provides 5 focus areas: Power and Energy, Manufacturing, Aeronautical Systems, Composites, and Mechatronics. With a degree in Mechanical Engineering your career can follow your interests, whatever they may be.

Job Security

Unemployment rates in engineering fields are consistently lower than the national unemployment average. The statistics for 2012 show that unemployment among engineers was less than half the national average of 7.8%.2 Mechanical Engineers also enjoyed a national average annual salary of $85,930 last year.1 Another benefit for Citadel graduates is that South Carolina’s percentage of Mechanical Engineering jobs Ranks 3rd in the U.S.1 Competitive salaries along with a low rate of unemployment and a great number of prospective jobs allow Citadel graduates to feel secure in their choice of major and career.

Facilities and Faculty

The Mechanical Engineering program features a strong laboratory experience that stresses design and gives students practical, hands-on knowledge. Our laboratory equipment and computers are new and constantly updated to expose our students to the latest technology. Our program features a student to faculty ratio of less than 20:1; this ensures our students get the personal attention required to grasp difficult concepts and achieve their academic goals. Also, all faculty are tenured or tenure-tracked professors who are student centered and teaching focused. All of our lectures and labs are taught by professors, not by graduate students.


The term Silicon Harbor has been coined to describe the rapid growth of technology and manufacturing in and around Charleston, SC. This expanding technology sector has led many regional companies to express interest in The Citadel’s Mechanical Engineering program. These businesses can provide numerous outlets for students to gain professional experience through internships, mentors, and countless other opportunities.

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