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The Military College of South Carolina
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Stephanie Slan

Corps Grad ’08

Upon graduation, I received my bachelor’s in Spanish with a minor in biology. Since graduation, I have earned a master’s in business with a concentration in healthcare management, and I am currently working on my doctorate in public health with a concentration in epidemiology. I also serve on the Board of Directors for the Citadel Club of Charleston, am the former head coach of The Citadel’s cheerleading squad (two years as head coach and one year as assistant coach).

I was born in Charleston to a military family. My grandfather served in the Air Force and my father is a Marine. The military, being a large part of my childhood, is what led me to The Citadel. It was after my mother’s cancer diagnosis that I decided to not go into the military; I wanted to be able to be close to my family if they needed me. I am a proud Citadel graduate and actively work to help promote Citadel causes.

How do you think your experience at The Citadel got you to where you are now?
I know that graduating from The Citadel helped me to build my career. It was a factor that set me apart from the other applicants when I entered the job market. My experience at The Citadel taught me how to get the job done, whatever it was, as quickly and efficiently as possible. It taught me to solve problems when they arose and even before they presented themselves. When I am introduced by my supervisors and managers, they always mention that I am a graduate of The Citadel, and it always gets the same reaction: surprise that then turns into confidence in my abilities.

Why should young women consider attending The Citadel?
There are a lot of reasons that a young woman should consider The Citadel. First of all, it is the road less traveled. It tests you as an individual and only makes you a stronger individual. When you leave The Citadel, the things you learned—how to keep a room clean, organization, how to meet deadlines, how to be respectful and be a good leader—are all things that you will find in the real world to be great skills; skills that employers are looking for during the hiring process.

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