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The Military College of South Carolina
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Holli Jo Knox Wilkins

Corps Grad ’07

Holli WilkinsI graduated in Alpha Company in May 2007. Since graduating, I have earned another degree, worked as a Registered Nurse, and I am currently in my final stages of finishing my master’s as a Nurse Practitioner. After graduation, I worked as an intern to a hospital director while waiting to attend nursing school. I attended nursing school in Pensacola, Florida, where I graduated in May 2009. After moving to Kingsville, Texas, I worked as a trauma/ER nurse for 18 months. We then moved to Virginia Beach, Virgina, and I continued to work in the ER, while taking continuing education classes towards my master’s. After moving to Beaufort, South Carolina, I enrolled in South University in Savannah, Georgia, as a full time MSN student, and I am scheduled to complete my family nurse practitioner degree in June. In July, I am scheduled to move to San Diego, California, where I plan to practice as a N.P.

My husband, Brandon, is a Marine pilot and the reason for our many moves! He also graduated from The Citadel with the Class of 2007.

What is your favorite memory from The Citadel?
My favorite memory from The Citadel is when I received my ring in Summerall Chapel. We were one of the last classes to get our rings in the chapel before the ceremony was too large and had to be moved to the McAlister Field House. This was a very special day to me. Since stepping on the quad for the first time as a knob, I had looked up to the upperclassmen that I really held in high regard, and I knew that I wanted to bear the mark of a Citadel woman. I knew that one day I wanted to show the world that I was a worthy graduate of The Citadel—and that meant wearing the band of gold. I remember coming back senior year and being very anxious about the wait to get my very own band of gold. When the day finally came, it was surreal. Putting my uniform on and marching to the chapel was defining for me. I was so proud to wear my ring and go forth from that day on as a model for the knobs that I hoped were looking up to me. I still wear my ring every day, and I am proud of my time there. It helped mold me to the professional that I am today, and for that I am eternally grateful.Holli-Wilkins-2

Why should young women consider attending The Citadel?
There is no question that young women should absolutely consider attending The Citadel. In today’s professional work place and military, women have more and more of a positive impact. We need more women to accept The Citadel’s challenge of the road less traveled and proceed forward as members of the Long Gray Line. We must continue to produce leaders, both in the military and civilian sector, that are Citadel graduates. We are a mainstay in the South, and it is important for women to realize that they have a place in our history. South Carolina and the surrounding areas reap the benefits of a 4-year graduate that is instilled with values learned at The Citadel—Honor, Duty, Respect. An unwavering loyalty, integrity and devotion to the mission, no matter what the cause, are all trademarks of a Citadel graduate, and young women should be lining up to answer that call. My degree from The Citadel and membership in the Long Gray Line has earned me respect in the work place that has placed me ahead of my peers. For that, I will always be eternally grateful.

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