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The Military College of South Carolina
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Andrea Davila

Corps Grad ’16

Andrea DavilaAndrea Davila is a 2012 graduate of James "Nikki" Rowe High School in McAllen, Texas, and a 2016 graduate of The Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina, where she signed to compete with a NCAA Division I Soccer Scholarship. She finished with three career goals and one assist and started all nineteen regular season games her senior season. Her final two years, during her sport's off-season, she also joined the Cheerleading Squad in support of all of the teams in Citadel athletics. Starting her senior year, she was named regimental athletic officer at the rank of cadet captain, thus performing senior staff responsibilities for the roughly 2300 men and women who form the South Carolina Corps of Cadets (SCCC). The SCCC represents all branches of the military in their respective programs of the Reserve Officer Training Corps. Andrea completed her ROTC requirements as an Army cadet while majoring in business administration with a professional pathway emphasis in principled entrepreneurship. For her efforts, she gained additional distinction as a primary representative in her pathway.

What about your time at The Citadel had the most positive impact on your career or life?
First semester senior year was a real eye-opener for me. I was taking 21 hours, practicing and traveling for soccer, cheerleading at football games, and waking up every morning at 0500 to fulfill my duties as regimental athletic officer. I really had to utilize time management and discipline to do everything at my best potential. I know this experience will help me in my future when I feel overwhelmed because I can always look back on my time here and understand that it is possible to overcome any obstacles I may face similar to this.

Being at The Citadel for four years, I can say I am a better person than I was when I first came through those front gates. I am more mature and have a better grasp on what it means to be a leader. I know that this will definitely come in handy in "the real world."

Why should young women consider attending The Citadel?
Not only is it "the road less traveled" for anyone, it is even more so for women. Being such a small percentage of the school's population, sometimes it is hard to find your place as a woman, but once you do, you thrive. The women here are exceptional. We are considered the underdog until we prove ourselves, and once we do, we are unstoppable.

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