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21 Apr 2014

Upcoming News at The Citadel - April 21 - May 8

Mars Through Curious Eyes: Recent Results on Martian Geology from NASA's Curiosity and Opportunity Rovers 

April 24

6:30 p.m.

Free and open to the public

Copeland Auditorium, Grimsley Hall

Dr. Robert Anderson, of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, will present an overview of the geological history of Mars with emphasis on the recent results from the Curiosity (seen right) and Opportunity rovers. Curiosity landed at Gale Crater in August 2012 with a mission to last a minimum of one Martian year (687 Earth days); Opportunity landed at Meridiani Planum in 2003 and has been exploring that region for more than a decade. Magmatism, tectonism, and hydrogeological activities have all contributed significantly to the geological evolution of both Earth and Mars. Anderson will explore how the new planetary data has changed the understanding of the geological history of Mars, and how that new knowledge might impact cibceots about Earth. This opportunity is presented by The Citadel's Physics Department.

A Call for Health Occupation Mentors


The Citadel's Pre-Health Mentorship Program is requesting that health professional in the area consider becoming mentors to members of the S. C. Corps of Cadets. The college's pre-health mentor program was established one year ago to connect pre-health students with area professionals for job shadowing and enrichment activities. Personal interactions with health professionals are vital in guiding college students toward an understanding of the profession they are considering or already pursing.

The goal of the program is to establish a nationwide network enabling cadets to work with mentors in their own hometowns or, during the academic year, in Charleston. Physicians, dentists, physical therapists, licensed athletic trainers and other health professionals willing to help lead The Citadel's pre-health students as mentors are asked to complete the online Mentor's Form. For more information, please contact Dr. Kathy Zanin, who is the advisor for the pre-health program.

Star of the West competition to begin graduation festivities 

May 7

Seating at 8:30 a.m.

Competition beings at 9a.m.

Free and open to the public 

This event is the culmination of many hours of practice in rifle drill by members of the S.C. Corps of Cadets. The winner will be named the "Best Drilled Cadet" and will have his or her name inscribed on the Star of the West Monument located near the flagpole on The Citadel's Summerall Field. That cadet will also wear the Star of the West Medal. The ship, Star of the West, was fired upon by Citadel cadets in 1861.

This year's competition could be anyone's win, after three-year title holder, Michael Czyrnik, graduated last spring. Czyrnik competed against more than three-dozen fellow cadets to win the annual award three times. Czyrnik, who is from Smithfield, N.C., came to The Citadel after having served as an enlisted Marine. During his senior year he was commander of Echo Company before graduating with a degree in criminal justice and returning to the Marine Corps. Parking note: most visitors will be directed by Public Safety to park near Johnson Hagood Stadium and then walk to Summerall Field. This event begins the Corps' official graduation activities. The full schedule can be found here.

*MEDIA NOTE: reporters intending to cover The Citadel's commencement activities and speakers on Sat., May 10, are asked to confirm attendance by emailing by Mon., May 5. Please also note if you would like a media parking space reserved; one per outlet.

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