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Enhance the Facilities and Technological Support for the Campus

Strategic Initiative Five: Enhance the Facilities and Technological Support for the Campus

Institutional planning is integral in facilitating a progressive transformation of the campus grounds, facilities and technologies, enabling the institution to achieve its mission and vision for the future. We must position the institution to capitalize on opportunities and create synergies between technologies and physical structures as well as facilitate a landscape that builds connections throughout campus.

Objective 5.1

Transform student academic learning spaces

The Citadel’s campus master plan establishes overarching goals and design principles, providing a framework for future development. The plan also guides long range planning and investment in the institution’s academic learning spaces. During the next six years, the college will make significant investments in learning spaces.


  • Renovate campus auditoriums

  • Upgrade and renovate organic chemistry labs

  • Procure physics laboratory equipment and technology upgrades

Key Performance Indicators:

  • Upgrade organic chemistry and physics laboratories by 2015

  • Renovate 50% of campus auditoriums by 2015; 100% by 2018

Objective 5.2

Expand infrastructure with new educational facilities

Capers Hall, constructed in 1951, houses six of The Citadel’s 15 academic departments. The institution recognizes the need for an expanded state-of-the-art learning facility.


  • Develop architectural, design and construction documents for Capers Hall

  • Create a financial plan for constructing Capers Hall

  • Commence initial planning for new business administration and engineering academic buildings

Key Performance Indicators:

  • Complete design documents and financial plans for a new Capers Hall by 2015

Objective 5.3

Enhance athletic facilities

Athletic facilities represent a core element of the campus educational and co-curricular experience and will be renovated to include more competitive facilities and technological innovations.


  • Renovate the Altman Center

  • Renovate McAlister Field House and Vandiver and Seignious Halls

  • Build practice volleyball and basketball facilities

Key Performance Indicators:

  • Complete athletics renovations by 2018

Objective 5.4

Decrease campus-wide deferred maintenance

Mounting deferred maintenance costs present a challenge to the majority of higher education institutions. The Citadel will commit to decreasing campus-wide deferred maintenance.


  • Budget at least $3 million annually for deferred maintenance

Key Performance Indicators:

  • Expend complete budget for deferred maintenance by $3 million annually

Objective 5.5

Enhance the Cadet Information System

The Cadet Information System is an integral component of the Leader Development Model, facilitating integration of information across all Four Pillars. To examine the holistic Citadel experience of each cadet, the institution must build additional components within the enterprise information system.


  • Build the discipline system, attendance tracking, and infirmary modules within Banner

  • Create a Four Pillars accountability system and interface, including the Cadet Record Brief

Key Performance Indicators:

  • Integrate data from the Four Pillars that comprise The Citadel Experience

  • Procure and create the Cadet Information System by 2015

Objective 5.6

Transform campus technology resources

Investment in innovative technology is a critical element of the institution’s planning efforts to ensure the college remains competitive.


  • Invest in additional technology consulting to aid functional office utilization and capacity building in Banner

  • Upgrade auditorium multimedia equipment in the college’s six major academic auditoriums

  • Invest in smart and active board upgrades for academic departments

Key Performance Indicators:

  • Upgrade 50% of campus auditorium multimedia equipment by 2015, 100% by 2018

Objective 5.7

Develop the institution’s online education capabilities to support teaching and learning

The Citadel will invest in expanding online educational opportunities.


  • Maintain Blackboard-managed hosting, content and connect system functionality

  • Expand Blackboard infrastructure to include its community, analytics and mobile components

  • Sponsor an annual Online Teaching Faculty Academy and develop a self-paced online training alternate academy

  • Establish The Citadel Center for Teaching Excellence and Pedagogical Innovation

  • Invest in 24/7 online student support services and helpdesk

  • Expand authorization and licensure for online programs

  • Increase storage and bandwidth to enhance online education capacity

Key Performance Indicators:

  • Increase number of online courses offered by 10% annually

Objective 5.8

Enhance the technology workforce

The Citadel will invest in expanding the technological workforce. During the next six years, The Citadel will plan for additions in specific skill areas.


  • Add technology specialists to the information technology services team who will advance the adoption of enterprise-wide Banner applications and speed efficiencies into campus processes

  • Add an online education instructional technologist/course designer to support online education initiatives

  • Add a Banner bridge coordinator to facilitate capacity within functional offices including The Citadel Graduate College, Registrar, Financial Aid and Admissions

Key Performance Indicators:

  • Increase staffing by 2015

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