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SFSSM Faculty Development & Presentation Grant Criteria

Application Evaluation Criteria 

This page gives criteria for evaluating applications for Swain Family School of Science and Mathematics Development and Presentation Grants. The Faculty Grants Committee assigns priority to applications that request support for one or more of the following activities. The criteria are not listed in order of priority; all are equally acceptable, but conference attendance including a presentation would normally have higher priority than attendance without a presentation. These criteria combine and extend the previous Citadel-wide Faculty Development and Presentation of Research grants. Proposals will be ranked according to how well they show that some of these criteria are met, and how clearly it is shown that the activity will promote the applicant's research and teaching and benefit The Citadel. Funding will depend on the ranking.

  1. Participation at meetings where the applicant delivers a paper about research, pedagogy, or classroom performance, or participates in a panel discussion on such matters.
  2. Training in multimedia and computerized classroom techniques. [If you seek travel funds to attend conferences concerning multimedia training, you must be sure to show how the training does not duplicate services that could be provided on campus by ITS.]
  3. Activities contributing to the development of new or modifying existing courses to reflect a new learning paradigm.
  4. Workshops that lead to professional certification.
  5. Conferences or workshops promoting the acquisition of knowledge or facilitate collaborations that will enhance the applicant's research activities.
  6. Activities leading toward the development of new courses that have a major technological component.
  7. Acquisition of software for research or to investigate a new technology for the classroom.
  8. Activities that develop new and/or improved assessment procedures for improving and/or evaluating student learning outcomes.
  9. Activities supporting the CURE program or cybersecurity.

The SFSSM Faculty Grants Committee does not fund requests for:

  1. Program development initiatives by department chairs.
  2. Officers attending professional meetings. (Contact the Provost.) 
  3. Travel funds for attendance at professional meetings by award recipients.
  4. Acquisition of software for classroom instruction. (Contact ITS or your department chair if criterion 7 is not met.)
  5. Purchase of hardware or other equipment.
  6. Purchase of books or journals, except those required by attendance at a funded conference, short course, or workshop.


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