The Military College of South Carolina
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Route Delivery

Departmental mail is delivered and outgoing mail to be metered is picked up once each week day, Monday through Friday. Campus wide mail delivery usually starts around 9:30 am and ends by 12:00 noon. We deliver mail to approximately 61 departments on campus.

Each campus department that requests mail delivery needs to have a convenient drop off and pick up point readily available for the courier to deliver mail. Baskets for mail should be clearly marked as “Incoming” and “Outgoing”. Please separate any campus mail from outgoing mail to be metered. Also, all international mail pieces should be separated from domestic mail to be metered. Departments needing to start campus delivery should contact the Director of the Post Office to make arrangements for their department.

Only letters and flats are delivered and picked up from all departments. Any mail piece weighing over 1 lb. and exceeding 1 inch in thickness is considered a package and will not be picked up or delivered. It is the responsibility of the department to bring those pieces over to the Post Office to be processed. United States Postal Service regulations prohibit us from picking up packages on our mail route. They must be presented to a Postal Clerk at the Post Office window. Due to space constraints in our mail van and also due to accountability issues, we do not deliver packages to campus departments. It is their responsibility to pick them up from The Citadel Post Office. Any exceptions to these rules must be pre-approved by the Postmaster.

The Delivery Courier is not responsible for selling stamps on the delivery route. Those transactions must be done at the Post Office.

Personal outgoing letters may be placed in campus mail for the courier to pick up ONLY if the correct postage is already affixed to the envelope. This mail should be separated from official mail that needs to be metered.

If your department will have more than 50 envelopes or mail pieces to pick up that day, we encourage you to call the Post Office at 953-7690 to make arrangements with the courier.

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