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Courses in this strand focus on how we live a good life, one that is sound morally and physically. Courses in the wellness strand are numbered 304.

Wellness Strand Course Descriptions Fall 2020:

ELES 304-01 Personal Finance, Dr. Wesley Jones MWF, 0800-0850 (Section 01 - CRN 15189)
*Cross listed with BADM 423-01 (CRN 15154)*   

ELES 304-02 Personal Finance, Dr. Wesley JonesMWF, 1000-1050 (Section 02 - CRN 15190)
*Cross listed with BADM 423-02 (CRN 15155)*

ENGS 304-01 Writing About Identity Young Adult Lit, Dr. Thomas Thompson, MW, 1300-1415 (CRN 14878)
To “live a good life, one that is sound in mind and body,” we need to come to grips with who we are. Questions such as “Who am I?” and “What is my role in society?” frequently arise during adolescence and young adulthood; not surprisingly, they are frequently explored in young adult novels. Using these novels as our main texts, and using writing as our main medium for thinking, we will consider these questions as we explore the issue of “identity” as presented in young adult literature.

HISS 304-01 Pre-Modern Medicine, Dr. Kurt Boughan, MWF, 1300-1350 (CRN 15199)
Notions of health and well-being vary over time, across cultures, and within cultures. This course examines medical knowledge and practice in the Latin West, 1000-1600. It also considers more broadly how people in that time and place conceived what it means to live well. A principal focus of this course will be conflicting or competing notions of health and well-being from folk culture, Christian tradition, and elite medical learning.

NTSS 304-02 An Ounce of Prevention, Dr. Mary Kather Zanin, MWF, 1000-1050 (CRN 14991)
What does it mean to have a healthy lifestyle? How can choices about things like sleep, diet, and exercise impact one’s chance of getting diabetes, heart disease, mental illness, or cancer?  This course will allow students to explore the value of healthy living as it relates to disease prevention and treatment, with focus on some of the worst health problems in our society.  Students will study the related organ systems’ normal functions, their malfunctions in disease, and the financial and emotional costs of chronic diseases to individuals, their families, and the healthcare system.   Unhealthy habits can be fun, but are they worth the risk?

SCSS 304-01 Honors Psych Topics, Dr. Lloyd Taylor, MWF, 1100-1150 (CRN 15230)
*Restricted to Honors Program*   

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