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Courses in this strand focus on the different forms of government and on human rights and responsibilities. Courses in the citizenship strand are numbered 303.

Citizenship Strand Course Descriptions Fall 2020:

ENGS 303-01 & 02 Strange Citizens, Dr. Kate Pilhuj, TR, 0800-0915 (Section 1 - CRN 14883) & TR, 0930-1045 (Section 2 - CRN 14884) 
Vampires. Zombies. Werewolves. Serial Killers. Ghouls. Film and literature are filled with examples of strange creatures and entities that infiltrate every culture and society to both frighten and attract. This class will read and watch a selection of horror literature and film to answer the following questions: Where do these monsters come from? How do different cultures and time periods define monsters? How do humans and monsters interact? What happens when these monsters inhabit the fringes of society or walk among humans? What makes some monsters frightening, and what makes others attractive? What happens when monsters move from page to screen? And finally, how do monsters help us define what it means to be human? 

HISS 303-01 US/Mexico Borderlands History, Dr. Nancy Aguirre, TR, 1330-1445 (CRN 14955) 

HISS 303-02 Rome & Its Citizens, Dr. Melanie Maddox, MWF, 1000-1050 (CRN 14965)
This course surveys Roman history through Rome’s origins as a Latin village to its emergence as the head of an Empire. Emphasis will be placed on what it meant to be a Roman citizen, a citizen soldier, a wife/husband, a slave, and the roles of different social groups and genders within Roman society. Students will consider urban life in Roman cities, as well as the personalities and values of the Romans and how these led to Rome’s political, social, military, and economic successes and failures.

HISS 303-03 Honors Rome & Citizens, Dr. Melanie Maddox, MWF, 0900-0950 (CRN 14966)
*Restricted to Honors Program*     

NTSS 303-01 Biology, Environment & Law, Dr. James Berry, TR, 0800-0915 James Berry (CRN 14990) 
This course will explore the ways that the legal system protects and regulates biological systems in the environment. We will examine the profound influence that environmental laws have on species, ecosystems, and landscapes, and the effects of the regulation of air, water, and land in maintaining biodiversity, sustainability, and ecosystem health.






















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