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The Military College of South Carolina
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Traffic and Parking on The Citadel Campus

The Military College of South Carolina
171 Moultrie Street
Charleston, S.C. 29409

31 August 2009



This General Order prescribes rules and regulations for the drivers of all vehicles (public or private) who operate, desire to register, or park a motor vehicle or bicycle on the property of The Citadel. This General Order applies to all streets, roads, alleyways, sidewalks, medians, walkways, parking spaces, parking areas, open grounds, driveways, playing fields, and parking lots on any part of The Citadel campus, including the housing area, The Citadel Beach House, the Faculty House, the Career Center, the Holliday Alumni Center, Johnson Hagood Stadium, College Park, or any other property owned, leased, rented by or otherwise under the jurisdiction of The Citadel.


S.C. Code Ann. 56-21-10 through 56-21-60 (Law Co-op, 1976)

S.C. Regulations, 26-1 through 26-10


A. Cadet Owner: The cadet who owns the vehicle in question, whose family owns the vehicle, or for whose use the vehicle was intended by the legal owner.

B. Campus: Citadel property to include Johnson Hagood Stadium, adjacent Citadel property, and all other property owned or leased or otherwise under the control of The Citadel.

C. Citadel Contractor: Contractors who provide The Citadel with a continuous service, i.e., dining services, janitorial services, etc.

D. Day Student: Includes all students other than cadets attending daytime classes in pursuit of an undergraduate or graduate degree.

E. Faculty: All academic deans, department heads, professors, assistant and associate professors, instructors, and assistant instructors. This term also includes professor emerita and Citadel salaried, part-time, or adjunct professors, instructors, and teachers other than graduate assistants.

F. Graduate Assistants: Students pursuing advanced degrees while teaching, coaching, or interning with a department. They are normally not full-time employees of The Citadel and are not considered faculty or staff.

G. Inter agency employees: Employees of state offices or activities which have business on The Citadel campus.

H. Staff: All full-time, (thirty hours or more per week) Citadel salaried employees regardless of rank or position.

I. The General Lot: Parking area located behind Jenkins hall, Thompson Hall, Grimsley Hall, LeTellier Hall, and the Coin laundry on the north end of the campus.



1) All vehicles must obey all South Carolina state laws, City of Charleston Traffic ordinances, City of the Isle of Palms ordinances, and Charleston County ordinances pertaining to vehicle operation and parking apply, as appropriate, as well as all posted signs, signals, and other traffic control devices and the lawful instructions of all uniformed Public Safety Officers, Corps of Cadets Traffic Controllers, Public Safety Officers, City Police Officers, County Sheriff Officers, or State Troopers.

2) State of South Carolina Uniform Traffic Tickets (State Form S-438 Revised 1-88) are issued by Citadel Public Safety Officers for moving violations and other specific violations as authorized by South Carolina law. The County of Charleston Magistrate's Court, the Municipal Judge on the Isle of Palms, and South Carolina General Sessions courts have jurisdiction to hear, try, and determine violations of the uniform code, traffic laws, and criminal acts committed on Citadel property within their respective jurisdictions.

3) The registered owner of a vehicle is responsible for all parking and non-moving violations concerning his/her vehicle while located on Citadel property. The cadet operator of a vehicle will also be held responsible for all moving violations regardless of whether the cadet is the registered owner of the vehicle. The operator of the vehicle is responsible for all moving violations. Athletic staff members who have been assigned a dealer-provided "courtesy car" will be responsible for all moving and parking violations for vehicles provided to them.

4) The speed limit on public areas of The Citadel campus is 20 miles per hour, unless posted lower. The speed limit in the housing areas is 10 miles per hour. Pacing patrol cars, radar, speed guns and/or lasers may be used to monitor speed limits.

5) All vehicular traffic on campus must yield to pedestrians. Pedestrians always have the right-of-way on The Citadel campus.

6) No person shall interfere with, engage in dispute with, or otherwise hinder a Public Safety Officer, City Police Officer, or other designated traffic controller on The Citadel property in the performance of his or her duties. Disputes will be directed to the Director of Public Safety only after the individual disputing the instructions and directions of the traffic controller has fully complied with those instructions and directions. Under no circumstances shall the driver of a vehicle proceed, park, abandon, stop or otherwise impede the flow of traffic against the specific instructions of a designated traffic controller. Such individuals may be arrested, barred from the campus, and/or subjected to administrative actions, as appropriate. In addition, their vehicles may be immediately towed and impounded at their own risk and expense.

7) Vehicle traffic on campus is restricted during the hours of 2300 to 0700 hours to campus residents, their bona fide guests, current Citadel faculty, staff, contractors, and delivery personnel having reason to be on campus. Exceptions to this restriction may be authorized by the college administration in unique situations.

8) S.C. Regulation 26-10 prohibits privately owned motorcycles, motorbikes, mopeds and motor scooters from operating on The Citadel campus. Privately owned motorcycles must park at the motorcycle parking lot at Huger Street.

9) All vehicle accidents occurring on campus must be immediately reported to The Citadel Department of Public Safety. Public Safety Officers will be responsible for investigating all on-campus vehicle accidents. Assistance may be requested by Public Safety from the State Highway Patrol Vehicle Accident Investigation Branch, if the situation warrants or if a Citadel Public Safety vehicle is involved. Vehicle accidents occurring on Citadel property located off campus will be reported to The Citadel Public Safety Officer on duty, who will determine the appropriate law enforcement agency to investigate the accident.

10) The Director of Public Safety has the authority to create signs, signals, markings, other traffic and parking control devices, and aids necessary to implement the requirements of this regulation. In his absence this authority automatically transfers to the Deputy Director of the Department of Public Safety. The senior Public Safety Officer is authorized to take all necessary actions to control traffic and parking in the absence of the Department's Director and Deputy.

11) Emergency and Contingency Powers, with the approval of the President of the College, the Director of Public Safety and in his absence, the Deputy Director of Public Safety shall have the authority to make, promulgate, and enforce special and emergency traffic controls and regulations. This authority includes designating one-way traffic flow, requiring traffic to stop, slow, evacuate, or be diverted, establishing parking areas, no-parking areas, time limits for parking, and causing signs, signals, traffic cones, barricades, and other traffic control devices and personnel to be placed to govern and direct the flow of traffic. Any person failing to obey any traffic regulations, device, sign, signal, marking, direction, or traffic controller shall be subject to citation or arrest, as appropriate.

12) The Citadel assumes no responsibility for the care and/or protection of any automobile, trailer, bicycle, wagon, truck, tractor, or other vehicle (whether motorized or not) nor the contents thereof while the vehicle is operated or parked on Citadel property or on nay other property for which The Citadel exercises control or interest.


1) All faculty, staff, and students must purchase and display Annual Parking Permits on vehicles they intend to park on campus. The schedule of fees for Annual Parking Permits is at Annex A. Parking assignments for faculty, staff, contractors, cadets, students, and visitors, as appropriate, is prescribed at Annex B.

2) All vehicles parked on The Citadel campus must be in full compliance with and qualified under the laws of the State of South Carolina, or the state in which the vehicle is licensed. Vehicles must display a current license plate and a current inspection sticker, if required in the state it is registered. Vehicles must be in good operating order. If a vehicle is not in operating condition, the vehicle must be made operable and registered within 30 days or it may be removed from the campus at the owners risk and expense.

3) The Citadel Department of Public Safety parking citations will be issued for parking violations. Additionally, Delinquency Reports may be issued for cadet violations of registration, parking, and other vehicle-related incidents designated in the Blue Book. Violations for Parking Citations will be issued for:

1. Parking Improperly

2. Parking in a "No Parking" Zone

3. Parking in a Loading Zone

4. Blocking a sally port, sidewalk, or driveway

5. Parking in a Reserved Lot or Reserved Space without authority or displaying an appropriate permit

6. Parking in a Fire Lane or blocking access to a fire hydrant

7. Failure to properly register a vehicle

8. parking overtime

9. Parking in a roadway, or on a curb where prohibited, or on a yellow curb

10. Failure to appropriately display a Parking Permit

NOTE: Citadel Parking Citations may be appealed to a Public Safety Officer within ten (10) days. the fine for parking illegally is twenty-five ($25) dollars. Fines which remain unpaid after ten (10) days will be sent to the Treasurer's office for collection. Five or more parking citations to the same vehicle will result in the vehicle being booted. Unregistered vehicles which receive three (3) parking citations will be booted upon receipt of the 3rd parking citation. boot removal fee is fifty ($50) dollars. Vehicles that remain parked for seventy-two hours after a boot is placed are subject to being towed, at owner's expense.

4. Parking, standing, loading, or unloading on streets posted as "No Parking," adjacent to yellow curbs, or on the concrete pads along Jones Avenue, is prohibited.

5. Traffic and parking on streets in faculty/staff residential areas are limited to residents and their bona fide guests, as more fully described below. Students are not permitted to park in the faculty/staff residential areas at any time without the prior specific approval of The Citadel Department of Public Safety.

6. Parking in a lane of traffic, in the roadway, an alley, on a narrow street (two lanes with "no parking signs", or in an aisle of a parking lot is not permitted.

7. Vehicle parking and/or standing on Jones Avenue or on the concrete pads in front of the barracks is prohibited. However, cadets may load and unload vehicles on Jones Avenue during holiday periods.

8. Boats, boat trailers and travel trailers, may be stored at The Citadel Boating Center, by campus residents only, as space is available. If space is unavailable at the Boating Center, campus residents must make alternative arrangements with Public Safe;ty, or locate these vehicles at an off campus location.

9. Recreational vehicles and other over sized vehicles may not be parked on The Citadel campus.


1) All students, faculty, staff, inter agency personnel, Citadel contractors, and their employees who park or operate a vehicle on The Citadel campus must obtain a parking permit through The Citadel Department of Public Safety. Only these individuals are eligible to obtain parking permits, as long-term parking privileges are reserved for persons officially associated with The Citadel who have a need for regular access to campus.

2) Parking permits must be obtained immediately upon or prior to entry to the campus unless otherwise scheduled. All permits must be prominently displayed in the manner designated for the specific type of permit. Failure to properly display the permit may result in a parking citation. Temporary permits for all categories of personnel authorized to park on The Citadel Campus will be issued as necessary to accommodate the needs of The Citadel and the individual.

3) Permits for student vehicles will be by academic semester, summer session, or academic year (August - May). Faculty, staff, Citadel permanent contractor, and interagency employee permits will be issued annually or as appropriate.

4) Each member of The Citadel Corps of Cadets registering a vehicle will be issued two decals authorizing the cadet to park in a specific location. The decals will be placed on the front and rear of the cadet's vehicle as follows:

a. The front decal will be affixed to the windshield, using the adhesive on the back of the decal, above the rear-view mirror with the lower edge just above the upper edge of the mirror.

b. the back decal will be affixed to the glass, using the adhesive on the back of the decal, in the upper left hand corner of the window.

NOTE: A temporary permit will be issued to cadets when their vehicle is not available to them for less than 30 days. If the student's vehicle changes a new set of decals will be issued at no expense.

5) Day, CGC, summer school, and MECEP students must purchase a hanging tag authorizing them to park in specified lots on or near campus.

6) Faculty, staff, inter agency personnel with offices on the campus, and Citadel permanent contractor personnel (ARA and Service Solutions) will be issued hanging tags authorizing them to park in a specific lot or space. The registrant may move hanging tags from vehicle to vehicle as required, provided that the vehicles involved are properly registered, leased, or loaned to the individual for his/her use. Users may purchase a second tag, for convenience, at one half the cost of the first tag.

7) Campus residents must purchase a permit for each vehicle they park in campus parking lots. A free hanging residential permit will be issued for each vehicle to park in designated residential housing area spaces. However, residents who purchase a parking permit for a vehicle to park in a lettered or named lot, need not obtain a residential permit for that vehicle. Public Safety will issue up to two free residential parking permits per household. All other vehicl3es owned by campus resident s and parked in residential housing areas must pay a fee of $60.00 for each vehicle.

8) Construction and other contractor personnel will be issued parking permits for supervisor or company vehicles to park at/in their construction or work site. these permits will be coordinated through the director of the Physical Plant or the Resident Architect.

9) Parking permits may be issued for such activities as athletic camps, academic seminars, and special events. Normally, these permits will be for a specific parking location and for a very limited time. A fee may be charged, as appropriate.

10) Members of The Board of Visitors will be issued permanent parking decals by the President's Office in recognition of their contributions to the College. These decals will be displayed on the bumper of the vehicle and will be replaced at no cost, as required. Emeritus members of the faculty and staff will be issued permanent parking passes by Public Safety. Persons issued these decals or passes may park in any lettered parking lot on campus unless designated as reserved.

11) Bicycles do not require a parking permit but must be registered with the City of Charleston Police Department. (Registration forms and decals are available at The Citadel Department of Public Safety.) Bicycles may not be stored or secured in a campus building, unless the bicyclist has obtained specific written permission from the building coordinator, a copy of which must be filed with the Department of Public Safety.

12) Parking permits must be removed from vehicles upon expiration or when recipient"s status changes. Removal of the permit is the responsibility of the recipient, who will be held responsible for all citations issued for violations by the vehicle displaying the permit.


The Citadel Department of Public Safety may have a vehicle towed, impounded, and stored at the owner's risk and expense under any of the following conditions:

1) The vehicle is blocking a fire lane or sally port

2) The vehicle is blocking a driveway, a properly parked vehicle, a service entry, a loading zone, or is otherwise creating a hazard in the opinion of the Public Safety Officer.

3) The vehicle is illegally parked and a total of five cumulative parking citations have been issued.

4) The vehicle is in a restricted parking area without displaying a valid permit for the area or parking space.

5) The vehicle is blocking a lane of traffic.

6) the vehicle is disabled and/or appears abandoned.

7) The vehicle appears inoperable (flat tires, engine partially dismantled, etc.) and has not been operated within the past 30 days.

8) the vehicle displays a expired license plate and has not been moved within the past 30 days.

9) The operator refuses to move the vehicle when requested to do so by traffic controller or Public Safety Officer int he performance of duty.

10. The vehicle is double parked for any reason.

11) Unregistered vehicles parking on The Citadel Campus or properties owned by The Citadel that have received three (3) parking citations will be booted and after seventy two (72) hours may be towed at the owners expense.

12) Any vehicle registered on The Citadel Campus or properties owned/controlled by The Citadel that have received four (4) prior parking citations will be booted upon receipt of the fifth (5th) parking citation.

13) All vehicles left parked in cadet parking lots on or off campus on special event days or weekends, such as Parents Day Corps Day and Homecoming, will be towed and stored at the owners expense.


Non-compliance with this General Order may result in criminal prosecution, the revocation of the right to park or drive on The Citadel campus, and/or other disciplinary action.


A. Dates of Official enactment and amendments:
Approved by the Director of Citadel Staff on 31 August 2009

B. Responsible Department
Department of Public Safety

C. Responsible Official
Director of Public Safety

D. Cross References


Memorandum No. 6, dated 30 May 2007 is rescinded.

Colonel, US Army, Retired
Director of The Citadel Staff

Annex A, Schedule of Fees for Annual Parking Permit
Annex B, Assignment of Parking Lots for Vehicles on The Citadel Campus

Schedule of Fees for Annual Parking Permit

Effective Academic Year 2009-2010

  1. Cadets = $250
  2. Non-Cadet Students = $40.00
  3. Fall and Spring Semesters = $40.00 per semester
  4. Maymester, summer semester 1 and 2 = $40.00
  5. MECEP/Active Military = $60.00
  6. 5th year and Veteran Students student = $60.00
  7. Graduate Assistants = $60.00
  8. Faculty and Staff (Less than $24,999) = $60.00
  9. $25,000 to $39,999 = $100.00
  10. $40,000 to $59,999 = $150.00
  11. $60,000 to $74,999 = $200.00
  12. $75,000 to $99,999 = $250.00
  13. $100,000 and above = $300.00

NOTE: Additional vehicle permits may be purchased for half of the original price. Parking and reserved parking fees for new employees will be prorated on a monthly basis. Vehicle permits are purchased and issued for any parking lot on The Citadel campus with the exception of cadet spaces or any space marked "Reserved." They will consist of fixed decals for Cadets, and hanging tags for the faculty, staff members and others. A white number matching their decal identifies reserved cadet spaces. Parking in a space reserved for someone else or in other than an assigned lot will result in parking violation enforcement. (See attachment campus map depicting parking lots.) Payment of parking fees will be made as a payroll deduction. Cadet parking spaces will be identified.



1) Reserved spaces will be offered to the Predident and Vice-Presidents. If a reserved parking space is not in use between 1700 and 0600, it is available to others authorized to use the parking area.

2) Faculty and staff vehicles with a valid parking decal displayed may park in any parking lot on The Citadel campus. Assigned personnel should park in the lot closest to their work place.

3) Contractor perking is normally limited to the "lay-down area" for construction project contractors and subcontractors, or in a specific lettered lot for the food service contractor. Janitorial contractor parking on campus is limited to the senior supervisory personnel and is located adjacent to the janitorial offices.

4) Adjunct professors must purchase a parking permit and park in the designated area in the Congress Street lot.

B. CAMPUS RESIDENT PARKING: Campus residents are authorized to park in the designated parking spaces reserved for quarters. Members of their household and visitors are authorized to park in these spaces and in other residential parking spaces not specifically reserved or designated. All motor vehicles of campus residents must display a current parking permit. Guests must obtain and display a temporary permit while parking on campus.


1) Cadet spaces on campus are numbered and placed in lots designated for cadet parking only. These spaces are located throughout the campus.

2) Cadet spaces off campus are located at the Altman Center. Second Class members (juniors) of the Corps of Cadets are assigned parking in this lot and on campus.

3) Third Class members of the Corps of Cadets are assigned parking in the Altman Center parking lot.

4) Sophomore members of the Corps of Cadets are not permitted to park on campus at anytime. There will be times they will be notified to move their vehicles from the Altman lot, including dates of home football games.

5) Weekend parking. Junior members of the Cadet Corps are permitted to park on campus in Faculty and Staff Lots located behind Capers Hall, Kovats Field, or the General Lot. On all football home game weekends and other event weekends, including Parent's Day, Homecoming, and Corps Day, cadet vehicles located at Altman lot will be required to park in the MUSC Harborview Tower.

D. DAY STUYDENT PARKING: Day students must purchase a Faculty/Staff decal and park in any authorized faculty/staff lot on The Citadel Campus.

E. CGC STUDENT PARKING: Evening students must purchase an evening parking decal. After 1600 Monday through Friday, and on weekends, these students may park in any faculty and staff lettered lot, Avenue of Remembrance parking space, or Kovats Lot. Prior to 1600 hours Monday through Friday, evening student parking is limited to the General Lot.

F.SUMMER SCHOOL STUDENT PARKING: Summer school students must purchase summer school parking permit, and may park in any cadet space.

G. GRADUATE ASSISTANTS: Graduate assistants may purchase a parking permit and park in the designated are in the Congress Street lot.


1) Symposium and convocation attendees living on campus will be designated parking by area or space in a lot as convenient to the assigned living quarters as possible.

2) Sports camp coaches, counselors, and instructors residing in barracks on campus will be authorized parking in the immediate vicinity of their barracks. Participants staying in the barracks will park in the cadet parking lot located west of The Citadel Boiler Plant.

I. MARK CLARK HALL GUESTS: will be authorized parking in reserved spaces on Avenue of Remembrance in front of Mark Clark Hall.


1) Official visitors and guests of the College will be given specific parking locations, as determined by the Department of Public Safety. The sponsoring office or activity must coordinate and request the assigned parking.

2) Tour busses may unload passengers on campus, but must park in the Congress Street lot, if space is available. Overflow arrangements must be made with the Department of Public Safety.

3) Itinerant visitors may park in spaces on Avenue of Remembrance, P-Lots (North and South) or in other visitor spaces on campus. Public Safety Officers may also authorize visitors to park in other lots/spaces as necessary.

4) Visitors of housing occupants may park in undesignated spaces serving residents, in the vicinity or the host quarters. Oversized vehicles, including recreational vehicles, boats, trailers, etc., must be stored at The Citadel Boating Center, as space is available. If space is unavailable at the Boating Center, campus residents must make arrangements with Public Safety, or locate these vehicles at an off campus location.


1) Visitor handicapped spaces are located on Avenue of Remembrance and in other visitor lots on campus.

2) Students who require temporary handicapped parking must obtain a temporary handicapped parking permit. Public Safety will assign a designated handicapped space in the lot closest to their classes.

3) Faculty, staff, interagency, and contractor personnel who temporarily require handicapped parking will be assigned a handicapped space in the lot closest to their work area.

L. ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT COURTESY VEHICLES: Athletic Department courtesy vehicles will park in the I-Lot in the vicinity of Seignious Hall, Vandiver Hall, and McAlister Field House. Courtesy vehicles must be identified with a placard issued by the Department of Public Safety while parked on campus.

M. MOTORCYCLE PARKING: Motorcycle parking is only authorized at the Huger Street motorcycle lot.


1) McAlister Field House parking areas include all faculty and staff parking lots, the General Lot, and the Avenue of Remembrance, as spaces are available. During basketball games, selected spaces in the immediate area of McAlister Field House are reserved for special categories of Brigadier Foundation members and guests of the College. Major events may require the use of parking spaces located at the lot located adjacent to the Alumni Center at the intersection of Congress Street and Hagood Avenue.

2) Mark Clark Hall evening event parking areas include the Faculty and Staff Lot adjacent to Mark Clark Hall (M-Lot), the spaces on Avenue of Remembrance, the General Lot, and all other faculty and staff spaces on the north end of campus, as available. Parking for daytime events during the workweek is limited to the space on Avenue of Remembrance and in the General Lot.

3) Chapel parking on the weekend includes all spaces on Avenue of Remembrance, the Faculty and Staff Lots adjacent to Mark Clark Hall (M-Lot), Jenkins Hall (L-Lot), and the General Lot.

4) President's Quarters activity parking includes all spaces available on Kovats Field and at the curb on Hammond Avenue. When school is not in session, the Corps of Cadet spaces adjacent to 4th Battalion and in the Infirmary Lot will also be used.

5) Coward Hall evening event parking includes the customer, faculty, and staff spaces adjacent to The Citadel Laundry & Dry Cleaning Plant and The Citadel's Cadet Store. Parking on the east curb of Hammond Avenue between Coward Hall and Washington Light Infantry Field (WLI) may also be used.

6) Deas Hall parking is available in the visitor spaces at the east end of the building and in the faculty and staff spaces in the vicinity during weekends and after 1600 hours (I-Lot). The General Lot is available at all hours.

7) Academic Auditorium Parking:

a. Parking for Jenkins Hall, Mark Clark Hall, and Grimsley Hall will be in the General Lot and on Avenue of Remembrance from 0700 to 1600 hours Monday through Friday, when the College is in session. On weekends and evenings, parking will also include the faculty and staff spaces in the vicinity of M, L, K, I, and P lots.

b. Parking for Duckett Hall and Byrd Hall will be on Avenue of Remembrance and at Johnson Hagood Stadium from 0700 to 1600 hours Monday through Friday, when the College is in session. On weekends and evenings, parking will include the faculty and staff spaces behind Capers Hall, Kovats parking lot, and P lot.

8) Visiting Teams will be parked in the General Lot.


Johnson Hagood event parking is available in The Citadel controlled lots adjacent to Johnson Hagood Stadium on the east, south, and west sides of the stadium, grassed areas adjacent to City Gym, and the Medical University lot on Fishburne Street. Arrangements must be made with the Director of Parking for the Medical University of South Carolina for the use of Harbor View Tower parking garage. Arrangements must be made with the City Department of Parks for parking in Brittlebank Park.


1) The Citadel Beach House honors all current Citadel permits durnign hours of operation from Tuesday through Sunday, unless reserved for a specific event or group.

2) Brigadier Foundation members with membership at the Century Club level or above may park at The Citadel Beach House on a space-available basis, unless the area is reserved for a specific event or group.

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