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The Military College of South Carolina
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Successful Grads

“I cannot overstate my gratefulness for the time I spent in the Citadel’s political science department. The classroom instruction I received helped prepare me for both graduate school and my candidacy. The department's various out-of-class opportunities–particularly, the Citadel’s Parliamentary Fellowship program–gave me a first-hand understanding of the political system and affirmed my desire to devote my life to public service. The personal and professional mentorship of Citadel professors helped me grow as a cadet, a candidate and, most importantly, a man. While the Citadel is rightfully known for the rigorous lifestyle of its Corps of Cadets, the political science department plays an outsized role in American politics through its graduating of qualified, experienced political leaders on either side of the isle.

- Tyler J. Mitchell, Class of 2015
Law School Student, and Candidate for the State House of SC

The education cadets receive in the department of political science at The Citadel is unmatched in its quality and the attention that is given to each individual student. As a political science graduate from The Citadel, I found the professionalism and knowledge of faculty members to be as useful as the texts discussed on a daily basis. With small class sizes, professors are also able to devote more attention to individual needs. The numerous sub-fields allow students to pursue the paths that are the most interesting to them and their future goals. And with faculty that are both academics and practitioners, students receive exposure to a variety of different ideas and concepts in both the academic and “real” world. This balance enables a student to situate their knowledge in the context of political events in the world. This well-rounded discipline prepares students for entry into a variety of different fields, from the military to law to business to non-profit work to academia.

-Matt Millard, Class of 2009

“My political science professors pushed me to learn and fully understand the fundamentals of the electoral political process, functions of the branches of government, and the evolution of politics. This provided me the history and foundation I needed to go from a regular student of politics to being actively engaged. Being able to blend political theory and practical experience is critical for those that want to go far in this place. One must know theory and have the experience to apply it.

-Clay Middleton, Class of 2003
SC State Director Hillary for America
Former President Obama Political Appointee
Former Aide to Congressman Jim Clyburn”

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