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Why Project Management?

Project management is a priority need. Project managers play a crucial role in the economic success of a company and the economic development of a city, state, or nation. A good project manager or boss cares about the development and growth of his/her employees, while leading an organization in the delivery of superior product or services. Companies cannot sustain operations without good project managers.

At all levels, developing or hiring project managers is important for a company. With the right project manager, everything works. With the wrong project manager, everything fails. It should not be a surprise that companies desiring to succeed in today’s competitive global business environment rely heavily on their project managers and leaders. Getting and keeping the right managers in place requires significant effort and the availability of a cadre of knowledgeable and trained management personnel. In many cases, the availability of good, effective project managers limits a company in its ability to grow and/or pursue new work.

The education and training of project managers is a challenge because it requires time to gather the knowledge, skills, abilities, and experience necessary to perform at an appropriate level. Education in combination with or prior to experience accelerates the development process. Daily work operations become learning activities when reinforced by an understanding of inputs, tools and techniques, and outputs. Essentially, an organization becomes a learning organization as project managers purposefully develop their talents, share their knowledge, and deliver an impressive array of results. The idea of “what you know well determines what you can do well” holds true for project managers, and the results are obvious to the most casual observer.

These are a few reasons why project management is important. Look around you and see the crucial role that project managers play in the world today. Envision yourself into the future and see that everyone needs project management and leadership.

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